Dec 23, 2011

Hello Lovelies,
   Hi everyone I am so happy that I'm getting paid $500+ for working two days its kind of bizarre that something like that could happen. But I'm happy. Though I won't get the money until after xmas it would help a lot. I'm so happy. I can finally get my boyfriend a gift and some alone time (we desperatley deserve it). I think things are looking up for achange. Oh well off to go crazy in my head...YAY!! Oh and by the way I have to send in my college scores after the deadline but it's cool, as long as I get in that's all that matters to me.
             Sincerely Fay,
                              (hopeful and jolly)

Stress is the Understatement

Dec 21, 2011

Hello loves,
         Apparently college apps is a lot more than I bargained for really. I have to send in my test scores which cost a lot of money. I don't think people realize that we are in a recession in the U.S. It kinds of worries me that I can't pay to send off my scores yet. So I will send them late omg this is bad. I'm stressed over college, then at home things don't get any easier at all. THEN, on top of it all, I have a boyfriend. What makes me even stressed is now I have to do a science project due january. Why ME !!!! I bet fate is laughing at me right now, and if I wasn't the nice girl I claim to be, fate would have a middle finger with a big F#@$ Y%# written on it. But as always I will find a way to overcome these obstacles one by one.
                           Sincerely Fay,
                                                (pissed off)

Frustration: Venting is Key

Sep 25, 2011

                      Okay so as you already know I am a teen, a high school student, and a girl. Well, today's criticism will be about family. One phrase-"hate to love, need but not want". My family is a episode off of the boondocks cartoon show. Very loud, obnoxious, annoying, meddlesome, violent, special, yet in all of that loving. But I am using this time to vent. So today was a good day in the beginning but ended horribly.
                  It started off cool with this one guy I like but ended up being a drunken disaster. Sisters arguing, yelling DADS, sobbing babies, over coincided pre-teens. Not to mention I might not be able to do an article I was supposed to do. It's crazy how things seem to unfold in this household. Sometimes I just want to get away for a moment like Wendy in Peter Pan. Now that would be sweet.
                                                              Not So Nice
                                                                             -Sincerely Fay (sleepy)


Sep 17, 2011

                    Hello my lovelies so far life has been great, in fact it's been super. Let me start off by telling you about school so far. So I joined choir which is surprisingly a good class. Me and my teacher both have this musical connection. He is so philosophical, there is always a lesson within a lesson with him. He talk about things that you wouldn't think involves singing but somehow it always does. I think my teacher, is awesome. He seems like a really nice man. He also is very emotional and passionate and it shows. Now, there is my math teacher who scares me. She is very sarcastic to the point it's annoying. Also I love the way she teaches, she keeps me interested and inspires study habits, I know it sounds crazy. Now to get to my life, I like this boy who is 3 years older than me. To be continued....
                                                                    -Sincerely Fay(inlove)

Diary of A post suicidal Teenage Female

Sep 11, 2011

                     So today I will let you in on a little secret I will be a teenage girl with__ thoughts lol. So sometimes I feel like my parents should be put on a plane with a one way ticket to Antarctica. Or I could even get mean and set the house on fire by "accident".... I feel that I can't live in this house and remain sane. I feel that some part of me is going to haul off and leave the bad side of me free. However, being a teenage as adults say is not hard, but I beg to differ. Being a teen back then and being a teen now is two different things than before. Back then you had your in the closet gays and lesbians, but now in my generation it is out in the open, and with that comes openly heavy criticism. Also, the stress load is unbearable at times, it's like you want to give up and sometimes you do give up. It's like being a teen strips away your youth and whip and torment you, it's like nobody understands you, which parents often don't. It's like being put in a situation where you have a gun with one bullet in it and you constantly try to shoot yourself but it ends up empty, pushing you to the edge and bringing you back just to push you over the edge again. Till finally you shoot and the bullet kills you. No way to voice your opinion without being slammed down. It's like being a caged animal, being put on display until you end-up getting free. The only freedom is a slow agonizing trip to nowhere and anywhere. Sometimes I get so mad because of past events and the present, it's like I can't catch a break. I will be so relieved when I graduate out of high school, I will feel like a big burden have been lifted off my shoulder I count the days, months, and weeks, until my freedom. All I can do now is be a soldier for depressed, voiceless, hurt teens all over the world. I still have my flag raised high for the world to see I won't go down without a fight. So call me crazy if you like but right now in this moment I could care less.
                                                               Fightin Until the Bitter End
                                                                        -Sincerely Fay(emotionless, severely depressed)

Not So Nervous Breakdown

Sep 8, 2011

     Hello marvelous people it is I....again. All my classes are apparently really cool. Except of course English (which happens to be a favorite subject), I have the same teacher from last year teaching a new subject. To top it off he gave us homework because he got mad at the class for not paying attention (fallin asleep) to his long, boring, slow lecture (kept repeating himself). Now my Trig class seem like it will be the trickiest class because the teacher, whose name I refuse to speak, is an arrogant, abnoxious, know it all. Journalism is the funnest class yet. I will enjoy writing in the school newspaper it brings me great happiness to dish on people/teachers/students without them knowing. However, prom date canidates for this school year is highly unlikely at my school. The boys either arrogant, abnoxiuos, too pretty, self-absorbed, completley ugly...not my types. So I guess I'll have to my soul searching else where.

                                                                 Wish me Luck!!
                                                                 -Sincerely Fay(Hopeful)

FirsT Day Jitters

Sep 7, 2011

   Okay so I am about to go to school tomorrow. It's always scary when you return to school everything's always different. You never know what to expect out of the school year. You start out with 20 close friends and sometimes end up with 10 left, 5 turned into enemies, and loss of communication. It's worse for me because it's Senior Year...Oh well, I guess I'll find out soon.
                                                                       Totally Stoked
                                                                  -Sincerely Fay(nervous)

Late Night/Early Mornings

Sep 6, 2011

    So hey it's me again, before I go to bed I want to say something. I recently found out something truly horrible my friend told me about a teen who committed suicide because of their sexual orientation. Now for all God fearing people, when you judge (which u are not supposed to do)-do you take into consideration that the person have feelings. Or do you simply want to vent, or are you mad at the time, or do you think you are being just by being God, or do you simply feel that you need to make someone else feel bad to boost up your self-esteem, or do you want to fit in with people who think that way. Well to hell with all of that!!! Hello if you haven't notice many Pope's have been molesting kids, many Adults who are homosexual/bisexual teach their children it's okay to be who they want to be, many teens nowadays are bisexual, many senators are homosexual, many teachers are gay. Do you hide and judge them to, they are everywhere in the world!!! It's time to wake up, stop hurting others because you don't necessarily agree with their sexuality. No I am not homosexual or bisexual, but I have friends who are and they are good people, they encourage me to be brave, be safe, have fun, enjoy life, and best of all respect myself because not many people will. I don't know about you but those are the type of friends I would want no matter what their sexual orientation is. I love gay people just like I love straight people. We can all get along if we choose to do so. What pisses me off is there will always be somebody who will hurt homosexuals or bi-sexuals because they are afraid to A) come out the closet themselves B) get to know someone different C)accept that not everyone's the same. I hate to read about some teen hanging, overdosing, or bullied influenced by the people around them-the people who judge them. All I am saying is be a little more accepting, you may not like it, you don't have to, but be aware that gays are humans just like you.

                                                             Another Huge Topic By
                                                                                         -Sincerely Fay (angry)


So as you have read from my first post (which introduced mwaa), I am a high school senior who loves to blog about everything. So my 1st unofficial offtopic blog. What does that mean? It means that this blog is totally random, which of course for me is normal. But anyways ...I was sitting at work and what walked through the door was a fashion disaster. Wrinkle blue shirt(with writing all over), dry(desert) curled hair, need a iron pants, and blue shoes, very tall and of course MALE. Simply put it in words A NO-NO UH UH UGH type picture. Come on opposite gender you can do better than that!! (No offense to those males who dress this way on a day to day basis..) In other words, clean yourself up.

                                                            A Helpful Tip
                                                          - Sincerely Fay(laughing)

To the Beggining of a New School Year-Teens Beware

The scary thing about going back to school in high school is the fact that it is Senior year. This is the year I dreamed of all my school life and yet now that it is here I have mixed feelings about it. For instance, I feel anxious and excited, yet I don't feel hyped- I feel a little nervous but I'm not worried. I feel like I OWN my school, yet I own no one...(yet). But that's not it, the one thing= no matter who say they don't care =that everyone worry about is PROM!!! I mean it's barely the begginning of the school year but yet I feel like it's not that far away...Am I ready to be a senior, Am I ready to grow up yet??!!
I feel so lost...but not to worry if I can't promise you anything else I promise that this blog will be full of adventures exploring High School, LET ME TELL YOU THIS: BEING A TEEN IN THIS DECADE IS CRAZIER THAN IT MAY SEEM!!!
                                                                                        -Sincerely Fay (happy)
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