Frustration: Venting is Key

Sep 25, 2011

                      Okay so as you already know I am a teen, a high school student, and a girl. Well, today's criticism will be about family. One phrase-"hate to love, need but not want". My family is a episode off of the boondocks cartoon show. Very loud, obnoxious, annoying, meddlesome, violent, special, yet in all of that loving. But I am using this time to vent. So today was a good day in the beginning but ended horribly.
                  It started off cool with this one guy I like but ended up being a drunken disaster. Sisters arguing, yelling DADS, sobbing babies, over coincided pre-teens. Not to mention I might not be able to do an article I was supposed to do. It's crazy how things seem to unfold in this household. Sometimes I just want to get away for a moment like Wendy in Peter Pan. Now that would be sweet.
                                                              Not So Nice
                                                                             -Sincerely Fay (sleepy)
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