Sep 17, 2011

                    Hello my lovelies so far life has been great, in fact it's been super. Let me start off by telling you about school so far. So I joined choir which is surprisingly a good class. Me and my teacher both have this musical connection. He is so philosophical, there is always a lesson within a lesson with him. He talk about things that you wouldn't think involves singing but somehow it always does. I think my teacher, is awesome. He seems like a really nice man. He also is very emotional and passionate and it shows. Now, there is my math teacher who scares me. She is very sarcastic to the point it's annoying. Also I love the way she teaches, she keeps me interested and inspires study habits, I know it sounds crazy. Now to get to my life, I like this boy who is 3 years older than me. To be continued....
                                                                    -Sincerely Fay(inlove)
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