Sep 6, 2011

So as you have read from my first post (which introduced mwaa), I am a high school senior who loves to blog about everything. So my 1st unofficial offtopic blog. What does that mean? It means that this blog is totally random, which of course for me is normal. But anyways ...I was sitting at work and what walked through the door was a fashion disaster. Wrinkle blue shirt(with writing all over), dry(desert) curled hair, need a iron pants, and blue shoes, very tall and of course MALE. Simply put it in words A NO-NO UH UH UGH type picture. Come on opposite gender you can do better than that!! (No offense to those males who dress this way on a day to day basis..) In other words, clean yourself up.

                                                            A Helpful Tip
                                                          - Sincerely Fay(laughing)
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