Dec 23, 2011

Hello Lovelies,
   Hi everyone I am so happy that I'm getting paid $500+ for working two days its kind of bizarre that something like that could happen. But I'm happy. Though I won't get the money until after xmas it would help a lot. I'm so happy. I can finally get my boyfriend a gift and some alone time (we desperatley deserve it). I think things are looking up for achange. Oh well off to go crazy in my head...YAY!! Oh and by the way I have to send in my college scores after the deadline but it's cool, as long as I get in that's all that matters to me.
             Sincerely Fay,
                              (hopeful and jolly)

Stress is the Understatement

Dec 21, 2011

Hello loves,
         Apparently college apps is a lot more than I bargained for really. I have to send in my test scores which cost a lot of money. I don't think people realize that we are in a recession in the U.S. It kinds of worries me that I can't pay to send off my scores yet. So I will send them late omg this is bad. I'm stressed over college, then at home things don't get any easier at all. THEN, on top of it all, I have a boyfriend. What makes me even stressed is now I have to do a science project due january. Why ME !!!! I bet fate is laughing at me right now, and if I wasn't the nice girl I claim to be, fate would have a middle finger with a big F#@$ Y%# written on it. But as always I will find a way to overcome these obstacles one by one.
                           Sincerely Fay,
                                                (pissed off)
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