My protective Style...

Dec 28, 2012

So I have decided to get semi-permanent dreadlocks (only last for about 2 months).
This is what I hope them to come out looking like; I'm undecided on thickness or length so I will show a couple of different styles.

Hair Journey Beginnings...

Okay so I am on a hair journey and my goal is to reach lower back-tailbone length in four years!!!
Is is impossible? 
(this is not me)

However it is a struggle for me because I am of Afro-American descent.
After graduating out of high school my hair broke off real bad , all over due to lack of maintenance and perms/relaxers. So I had to cut off most of my hair (about 5-6 inches). I have had my hair in protective styles ever since and its been a good six months!!  But I have gained tremendous hair growth ever since protecting my hair and taking the right supplements as well as having an okay diet.
Now that's part over...

What have I been taking for my rapid hair growth??? 
Biotin is known for its role in the health and beauty of Hair, Skin and Nails. It promotes healthy hair growth and protects against dryness. It also increases the elasticity of the hair's cortex, thus preventing breakage. Recommend GNC brand!!!

However, starting late January early February I will be adding a new supplement with this or maybe just switching to a new supplement. Why??? Well pure biotin is not enough for the complete equation in hair growth- you also need a supplement called MSM which lengthens your hair and speed up the growing long hair part...together you will be able to achieve my ideal length in 4yrs or less. So since I don't want to take two pills everyday I might switch to a supplement containing both.

ATTENTION, these supplements speed up your own natural hair cycle! So don't expect your results to be exactly the same as someone else. But it should be expected to have mid-back to hip length hair in 4yrs, if taken care of properly!!!

PS :  Also, I have been using natural products that consist of oils and creme's- mainly organic hair products!!!

Dog Days….As told by Sincerely Fay (repost)

I have known for a long time that, I was meant to be great I mean HELLLLOOO. Besides that point, I currently broke up with a best-friend (boohoo) and that made me realize how different people become as we get older. I remember the days I would go grab a blanket, a book, and a flashlight (sometimes) and go sit in/under a tree and read until I forget what I was supposed to be doing and where on the planet was I at. I remember me and my ex-best friend climbing up an old wooden ladder to get on the roof just to look at the stars at night and pretend we were superheroes and that was our secret lair. Yes, my best friend is a guy and we were an awesome team. But sadly childhood memories are the only thing I have left. It’s okay though, because losing people and gaining people is apart of life. We just have to except it….
                                                                               Sincerely Fay, (feeling like a bobble-head)


The new year is almost upon us and yet there is so much to do,
 literally there is just too much to do.
So with me being me and all...
I got an new journal; its a beautiful hardcover-
*sighs wanted moleskin* and a quill set with a feather pen.
Now the true writer in me can come out.
I have already began to fill its pages with trapped thoughts and plans.
Poems are coming at a more steady pace.
Anyways, I have decided to switch my major from anthropology to English literature.
I have decided that's where I will be most happiest, who knows mabye my major will change again.
I know I want to go abroad, that's been a long awaited desire since middle school.
And yet its been 7 years later and I'm still dreaming hard for that one!
I am on this natural hair journey to grow out my hair, so I will be posting updates of
everything I come across soon- for others who are interested.
Also pictures will be available of my own struggle, but bear with me!
Also I will start mentioning; music artists, fashion, and other stuff that interests me.
A major goal of mine is to stay committed to my two blogs...
That is all!!!
Happy New Years everyone!!!

                                                       Sincerely Fay,

Children Hood

Dec 17, 2012

Its funny how this is supposed to be the happiest time of the year,
But yet,
So many terrible things are happening.
How do you explain that to three year old children.
How do explain to them that this year maybe Santa won't be making a stop at their home.
Or that maybe the house they came to know so well is in jeopardy of being took from them.
Or that their parents are struggling so bad that every pay check is spent on a ever rising bill/rent.
How do you tell them that many children just like them have lost their life in school, when they are to attend in a year or two.
How do you tell them that is one of many bad parts of life and that it always get better.
You got to grow up and experience the hardships to realize where you got to go in life.
But I will strive  to make this the best Christmas they have, to lighten the load.
The world shouldn't have to be a scary place for them, they don't need to know the horrors of it, not yet.
Childhoods are precious, they give us light in the darkest of times.
Lets not tarnish these memories...

Rant of this week...

Dec 6, 2012

I have been feeling very nostalgic lately. I am due for some much needed time to unwind and collect myself. I have to start making time for other things so I won't be cooped up in my apartment all day. I need to handle my business and get stuff done without procrastinating. Well enough about me for now.

Why is it that some people undermine the seriousness of higher education? I mean I know college isn't for everybody, but I wish people who have the money to attend -wouldn't waste it.

 Do these particular group of people know how hard it is to get an higher education (obviously not)! I mean its a struggle, its really almost like a miniature fight is going on.

Coming from society's classification of poor class/working class, many people, like me, have struggled to get me where I am today. I mean these people have to constantly worry about financial issues, worry about keeping their grades up, all while trying to keep a crappy job- just so they can attain a diploma to help lift them from their situation.

That plus their own family issue drives them to get an higher education. Just so some people who can afford it, talk about how they party every day and buy expensive stuff that's about the same amount as tuition.

Then this particular group look down on others who attend community college or no college and then get bad grades and be like "oh well I can take this class another semester-it doesn't matter since I (in other words their parents) can afford it."

WTF!!! But you know what, I try to remember that everybody got their own purpose for attending college. For some it may lay with partying and others with self-achievement.

 But I want to make clear that many of those people who attend community college are just as bright as those who attend universities. If money wasn't an issue, I'm sure many would be sitting right in the same class.

That is all....
                                                    Sincerely Fay,


Nov 19, 2012

             I am trying to remember why I am in college right now. Its funny because I remember when I was in high school all I was determined to do was go to college and graduate. I knew my frame of mind and I knew I was not easily distracted once my minds set up. Boy was I in for a rude awakening!! I can't honestly say I knew what to do once I got here! HA!! But after a few unexpected things went down I am learning that my days should be more focused on getting things done and not playing around. But here is to my most bittersweet friend Procrastination  for because of you I have found myself in some of the worst situations in life yet I can't let you go just yet. But I will, I have learned and grown overtime.
                                              Sincerely Fay,

That Young College Life.......

Nov 7, 2012

             Okay guys I'm doing bad as in I'm slacking. Its not cool to start slacking off in college at all. So I decided that I'm going to get my shit together. First off I needed to remind myself that I'm not here to make fuggin' friends, I'm here to get an education and better my future. I have no qualms about partying but it haves to be only when I have the time to do it, I won't even socialize on the weekend unless I know my shit is done. Second, I need to start on my assignments the moment they are given to me so that way I won't be doing them at the last minute. Third, I need to do things that are going to get me places and that's wherever my choices take me in life. So these are my 3 Commandments. 

                                         Sincerely Fay, (Serious)

Anonymously Talented: The Importance of Education...A POEM BY ME

Oct 24, 2012

Anonymously Talented: The Importance of Education...A POEM BY ME:                    Oh California weather why have thou forsaken me,                  why have you pushed me through these rough mornings. ...

Little Things

Oct 15, 2012


     Why are there so many things that can describe my life right now? I turn on music and the song I am listening to seem to be describing my mood to the letter. Then I read some poetry to calm my nerves and the first thing I notice was the title of the poem which read, " I am an Uncomplicated Rebel, The Heart and Soul Caged" and I was like wow how relevant to my life right now.

    Days like these are very funny to me. Its like the universe is giving you a huge sign, but you don't know what it means. Should I sit back and re-evaluate my life right now so that I can get a better perspective. Maybe I need to be one with "nature", Idk what it means I should do. I know I'm rambling about nothing and yet it is everything. Oh well about to escape to the world of fiction for about an hour. I have to pace myself when reading so I won't read a whole book in one sitting.

                                         Sincerely Fay,

Punch On Me

Oct 10, 2012

   This post is a year old sorry about this....   It seems as though my life gets more hectic everyday. It's not easy being me. Actually it's hard being me I am not the genius on the planet but I do like to think of myself as part of the wisdom my family is known for (locally). So to catch you up on the events occurring in my life:
1) Filing College Applications..Crazy right, college is no joke. I am super excited to get there though. 2) Dealing with family. This part of my life is like a roller coaster always crazy, so many twists and turns. 3) Developing strong feelings for a guy. For me this is the hardest thing to do because I don't give my feelings easily to guys because of a past ex. Also, the part about sex...(that's another story). 4) Being outgoing, lately I have had this feeling about being overly outgoing and crazy. Though I think that feeling have always been there. 5) School SCHOOL!!!! This is the stressing point for me, I have been trying to figure out how to survive my final year in high school and so far I'm barely hanging on. In journalism we have girls who don't belong in there, all they want to talk about cheer-leading, tattoos, etc. This is journalism not a magazine but a school newspaper!!! Then I am miraculously going to a huge fall dance at the LAX Marriott, then off to JSA Fall State- a debate convention for debaters and huge parties they throw (gonna have so much fun). I am trying to stay focused on my classes which is a problem within a problem. Anyways I just wanted to say that for some reason this is another one of my gifts, I can balance a lot of things at once.
                                                                 Yours Truly,
                                                                            Fay (Going Crazy)
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