Heart Felt

Aug 28, 2012

                    Today was unnecessarily WRONG!!! Why is it wrong, the injustice of a female hearrt thats why. Why can some males be capable of such cruelty. Men don't even have the slightest clue what the word faithful to the end mean, but some women don't either and also don't  know when to let go. What happened to communication and trust in between two people who have feelings for each other.
                     Today's relationships consist of having a fling with someone for half to a year and calling the quits. What happened to effort? What happened to consistency? To get with someone and move on like nothing happened is sickening. Listen, hear this out, do guys ever stop and ponder about their feelings hours, days, even weeks after they break up. Do you get so depressed that you eat too much or too little?
                       As women we do! Women are the ones who have to pull themselves out of their depression and regain their strength and face the world again. Bracing and building up barriers around their hearts and not trusting and being able to be in another healthy relationship. As humans we all go through this at some point in our life whether we are male/female.
                      But it seem to come so much easier to guys, how can you just shut a person out of your life with no regrets, no doubts.? How can your heart become cold so fast? How can a woman except you so easily back into her life after hurting each other? What is your secret? I would love to be able to shut off my heart in a moments pass, to hurt you so bad with words you want to ball up and hide from the world.
                     Why am I so loving, so kind to endure this over and over again and still be hopeful at the end of the day? Is it human nature? Is it woman nature? It's a tough burden to shoulder, but I do anyways hoping you have the best future at the same time. Smiling at you when I'm crying inside, its what we do. We hurt, we grow, we learn and then we move on. Such an tiring cycle!!! But Who can complain when their heart feels???

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