Nov 19, 2012

             I am trying to remember why I am in college right now. Its funny because I remember when I was in high school all I was determined to do was go to college and graduate. I knew my frame of mind and I knew I was not easily distracted once my minds set up. Boy was I in for a rude awakening!! I can't honestly say I knew what to do once I got here! HA!! But after a few unexpected things went down I am learning that my days should be more focused on getting things done and not playing around. But here is to my most bittersweet friend Procrastination  for because of you I have found myself in some of the worst situations in life yet I can't let you go just yet. But I will, I have learned and grown overtime.
                                              Sincerely Fay,

That Young College Life.......

Nov 7, 2012

             Okay guys I'm doing bad as in I'm slacking. Its not cool to start slacking off in college at all. So I decided that I'm going to get my shit together. First off I needed to remind myself that I'm not here to make fuggin' friends, I'm here to get an education and better my future. I have no qualms about partying but it haves to be only when I have the time to do it, I won't even socialize on the weekend unless I know my shit is done. Second, I need to start on my assignments the moment they are given to me so that way I won't be doing them at the last minute. Third, I need to do things that are going to get me places and that's wherever my choices take me in life. So these are my 3 Commandments. 

                                         Sincerely Fay, (Serious)
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