Dog Days….As told by Sincerely Fay (repost)

Dec 28, 2012

I have known for a long time that, I was meant to be great I mean HELLLLOOO. Besides that point, I currently broke up with a best-friend (boohoo) and that made me realize how different people become as we get older. I remember the days I would go grab a blanket, a book, and a flashlight (sometimes) and go sit in/under a tree and read until I forget what I was supposed to be doing and where on the planet was I at. I remember me and my ex-best friend climbing up an old wooden ladder to get on the roof just to look at the stars at night and pretend we were superheroes and that was our secret lair. Yes, my best friend is a guy and we were an awesome team. But sadly childhood memories are the only thing I have left. It’s okay though, because losing people and gaining people is apart of life. We just have to except it….
                                                                               Sincerely Fay, (feeling like a bobble-head)
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