Rant of this week...

Dec 6, 2012

I have been feeling very nostalgic lately. I am due for some much needed time to unwind and collect myself. I have to start making time for other things so I won't be cooped up in my apartment all day. I need to handle my business and get stuff done without procrastinating. Well enough about me for now.

Why is it that some people undermine the seriousness of higher education? I mean I know college isn't for everybody, but I wish people who have the money to attend -wouldn't waste it.

 Do these particular group of people know how hard it is to get an higher education (obviously not)! I mean its a struggle, its really almost like a miniature fight is going on.

Coming from society's classification of poor class/working class, many people, like me, have struggled to get me where I am today. I mean these people have to constantly worry about financial issues, worry about keeping their grades up, all while trying to keep a crappy job- just so they can attain a diploma to help lift them from their situation.

That plus their own family issue drives them to get an higher education. Just so some people who can afford it, talk about how they party every day and buy expensive stuff that's about the same amount as tuition.

Then this particular group look down on others who attend community college or no college and then get bad grades and be like "oh well I can take this class another semester-it doesn't matter since I (in other words their parents) can afford it."

WTF!!! But you know what, I try to remember that everybody got their own purpose for attending college. For some it may lay with partying and others with self-achievement.

 But I want to make clear that many of those people who attend community college are just as bright as those who attend universities. If money wasn't an issue, I'm sure many would be sitting right in the same class.

That is all....
                                                    Sincerely Fay,
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