Dec 28, 2012

The new year is almost upon us and yet there is so much to do,
 literally there is just too much to do.
So with me being me and all...
I got an new journal; its a beautiful hardcover-
*sighs wanted moleskin* and a quill set with a feather pen.
Now the true writer in me can come out.
I have already began to fill its pages with trapped thoughts and plans.
Poems are coming at a more steady pace.
Anyways, I have decided to switch my major from anthropology to English literature.
I have decided that's where I will be most happiest, who knows mabye my major will change again.
I know I want to go abroad, that's been a long awaited desire since middle school.
And yet its been 7 years later and I'm still dreaming hard for that one!
I am on this natural hair journey to grow out my hair, so I will be posting updates of
everything I come across soon- for others who are interested.
Also pictures will be available of my own struggle, but bear with me!
Also I will start mentioning; music artists, fashion, and other stuff that interests me.
A major goal of mine is to stay committed to my two blogs...
That is all!!!
Happy New Years everyone!!!

                                                       Sincerely Fay,
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