What Are You Thankful For?

Dec 26, 2013

Hello Luvs,

What are you thankful for?

Blog Challenge: Oh Yeah!

Dec 20, 2013

Hello Luvs,

     I have been struck with the worst case of writer's block, it's friggin annoying! I can't seem to think about anything to write about, which in my case is really sad. (Future Journalist Here) So my lovely friend, whom wish to remain anonymous, have suggested that I do a writing challenge.

How Not to Survive Finals Week

Dec 11, 2013

Hey Luvs,

      So as you might not know of, beginning of December to mid- December are considered to be final weeks for the majority of Cali colleges and universities. What does that mean for a college student? It means the "I DON'T GIVE A #$%*" kind of week. Usually, bloggers do posts on how to survive finals week, but I'm not going to. Today I will present to you How Not to Survive Finals Week!

Ode to the Fall: Survival Tips

Nov 14, 2013

Hi soul-children,


We all know what that must mean, crazy cool fashion, amateur photography, beats and vibes, awesome novels and warm beverages. All the thing needed to take us places, and make us feel some type of way. I'm going to share my "to go to" things for fall.


Oct 27, 2013

Hey moon-children,

So I know it's been a while, I've been neglecting my duties! I have been really feeling sluggish and like everything around me just push the fast-forward button. Days have been flying by really fast, heck I'm already in the middle of my semester at my university! So what have I been doing well for one, I've been trying to find my muse in order to write. I am in the process of finding myself, renewing my energy and all that funk.
Flower Crown DIY Snippet

I know I promised some DIY videos (I haven't forgot), I'm just waiting on getting my camera before I start doing more videos. So I have a goal that I would like to share with you all, I plan on doing self-documenting project using the videos I post up (explanation in later posts).

So I came across this wonderful article that I found intresting and decided to share this knowledge with you. Check it out!

2O Great Cities in America for Writers

From Me to You

Oct 1, 2013

Hey there luvs,

Today I just want to blog, so I can let go of these frustrations, bear with me.

Sometimes when you think your on the right path, something comes along and yank you right off. It comes in many forms; a temptation, a need, responsibility, love, friendship, networks, school, family, greed, emotions, hormones...you get the point. I've been very diligent and caring about all of those things plus some, but I've reached my limit. Well, at least, I think I have. I've lost my drive!

Now, I won't explode yet, but it's coming! Life lately has become a lot of knots, many of which is difficult to untangle. Hell, there is those I don't even want to untangle! I have to find myself again (this ought to be fun -_-). I know there are some things in my life I need to let go in order to get my piece of mind, something has changed that recently. Ugh!

Anyways, enough of my craziness! Here are some words for those who are going through hard times, we all need a "pick-me-up". Its good to be relieved of the burdens once in a while:

Hold your head up...Inhale....Let it out...shake your body...smile...look at yourself and say this: I AM STRONG & AMAZING, I WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

Sincerely Fay,

Bullying: A Message

Sep 14, 2013

Hey luvs,

This topic really hits home for me. I have been a victim of bullying every since elementary school and I wanted to raise awareness to, SAY NO TO BULLYING, IT COSTS. For all you young people, even adults...this is for you. Hopefully, after viewing this you won't feel so alone anymore. Bullying has caused many deaths, it must STOP! I can't even begin to tell you how many friends and people I've lost to this monster. Let it end here!!!!

  Dear Love,

     I know right now you feel like there's no end to the torment. I know believe me, I know! But I care for you, I don't need to know you personally because our pain creates a bind so strong, it ties us together universally. I know it GETS BETTER! The road we walk; is a lonely, painful one. I know the feeling of not wanting to look in the mirror because you can't see the beautiful, the sexy. The longing to get attention from those untouchable people we admire from the distance, the ones who we daydream about. Those, who are the very ones that spit venom that sinks deeper than any blade that cuts into our skin. The ones who make us feel disgusted with our own beauty, so we change ourselves and degrade the ones who walk the very same path. I admire your strength to hold the tears back, not letting them see the heavy hot streaks that trails your face until your alone. I admire the person that is within the layers, protected inside. I admire the strength to create art on a body that's been through so much, but let's put down the blade and find our courage. I admire those lips that don't smile, but I want to see that amazing curve that speaks volumes and tells stories. I admire the you that can't look in the mirror, but we must so we can find our shining soul in the eyes that look back at us. I admire your sense of escape, but flush the pills down the toilet so we can finish this adventure together. I promise you the story is yours there is more to be written. I admire the relief we find at the bottom of that bottle in the brown bag, but the glory we get from putting it down tells us how strong we are. I admire the pain you endure from the people you love, we should never forget that pain, it made us tougher. I admire the story you have yet to tell, the pictures you have not drawn. Be strong, chase the stars, hold your head high, endure to overcome, believe and hope when there is little to hope for, keep staring at the moon to give you a sense of peace, send you dreams into the sky, and scream your happiness into the universe-it will hear you. I hear your cries, because I've cried right along with you. Fuck the bullshit....I'm telling you to conquer and take back your life. It's yours, no one else can put a number on your worth, don't let them!

 Sincerely a Companion, Sincerely Fay

Event Jitters

Sep 8, 2013

AH!!! Hi luvs,

Today is the day for the matador nights event at my school, excited below are some randomness, showing us before hand, preparing...sneak peak at the DIY video I'm making...
So this is the third post video on here, the title "should" tell it all. But for those of you who are wondering what I mean, grab a seat. Enjoy the video!!!

Sincerely Fay,


Sep 5, 2013

Hello Luvs,

This is a continuation post from the previous one. Hoorah! Okay lets get down to business, this how I styled my dorm. The beginning phases, I still plan to add on later.

                                                       Desk area....where I live!!!

                                                       Sorry about the messy bed...

              Had to get the string lights....but I might switch them out for a more wooden style

                Okay so that big patch of white is going to be filled soon with dream catcher(s)...

   So guys what you think? Yikes, I almost forgot!! For those who have emailed me with some questions, I will be getting around to answering them in a video coming soon! Also, I am sharing a dorm with three other girls, two per room. We have our own kitchen and bathroom facilities. Our apartment is really spacious, even thought you might can't tell from the pics. No communal bathrooms!!! Yay!!! STAY TUNED!!!

Sincerely Fay,

Catch Up Time

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!

 Okay luvs, it's been too long since I've done a post about what's happening in my life. So get comfortable while I lay it on ya.

So about two weeks ago I moved in my dorm (college student swag!!!). The hassle..... all that moving, carrying heavy objects into my building. Then once that was over, phase 2 was implemented.....UNPACKING (oh lawd)! I mean when I say chaos, I mean chaos. Boxes were everywhere, couldn't see the floor at all. I stepped on my fair share of pointy objects. Then came the most nerve wrecking aspect, phase 3, DECORATING! I was literally imagining 50 ways I could beautify my boring egg-white space. I had lights to hang, shelves to fill, desk space to occupy, and bare walls to erase. This was a long process of trial and error. Now to add a time frame. I moved in at 2pm and finished around 1am.


Currently, I am figuring out my professors and how they operate. I am loving every class so far and enjoying the fact that all my professors are awesome women!!! I am fretting about tomorrow because my University's first big event is happening and I'm nervous! (There will be a whole video post that addresses this!) I am also putting my publishing of my book on the back-burner for a while (very depressing) due to issues with the publisher. I will be putting up new poetry very soon.

There is a lot coming up, so stay tuned beautiful people!!!
Sincerely Fay, (excited)

Peer Pressure

Sep 1, 2013

Hello Luvs,

Ah! Its been a while!!! So below is our LTS for this week, I want you to think about this topic & how it may relate to your or those close to you. Okay, again I want to say, I respect all opinions- remember to be open minded & respectful. Enjoy...

Sincerely Fay,

Style with Care Board

Aug 12, 2013

Hello moon-childs,

So, recently I have been going places non- stop! I have yet to sit and relax without falling asleep for hours. (Hindering me from blogging!!) So I am making up for that lost time, here we go....

It is almost time for me to return to Uni, and I'm stoked!! I have big expectations of the upcoming school year! So as you can guess buying stuff right now is mainly what I will be doing. So here is a Style with Care Board, of things I mean to buy. I will also do a review of the things I buy soon. So expect a lot of "Review" posts.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipcolor

                                                      FujiFilm Finepix cameras

                                                           Wooden String lights

                                                                Doc Martens

                                                        Light Bulb string lights

                                                                                   Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub
                                            Clean & Clear body Splash Wildberry & Guava


Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion

                                                     Dr. Brandt flexitone BB cream

From a Feminist Point of View

Aug 8, 2013

Hello soul-children,

Now before I start, I would like to say this not going to be a rampage of women rights yadda yadda. No, I'm just going to give my perspective on some issues. I know the title might raise red flags for some people viewing this, there is that what the hell Sincerely Fay look on some of your faces right now. Okay well I'm going to just plain out say the following; I'M A FEMINIST, SO THE FUCK WHAT!!! Please excuse my french!

Now that I got that out there and we are over this, we can begin. So as usual I check my feeds everyday for some interesting reads and pictures. Two particular pieces stood out to me so I'd like to share my findings. The pieces featured a topic about lead female roles in society & the role of sexual pleasure in society.

In these times it's not unusual to see a kick-ass lead female. No doubt we've come a long way from an usually archaic male dominated world. The sharp increase in heroins has been on the up-rise in recent years. All over, female figures have been depicted as strong, intelligent and equally superior to their male counterparts in the media, especially in novels and films.

This is especially a good thing for future generations, and all genders. It helps eliminate some of the pressures of a growing child, especially little girls. Now they can see that they don't have to be weak or unable to speak their mind because it is not "lady-like." However, as far as we've come we still have a long way to go. Women need to be depicted as strong and intelligent off-screen just as much as on screen.

Now, I was one of those awkward girls who secretly desired to watch adult movies to see why it was such a bad juju and why my parents always made me close my eyes on certain scenes. I was told by many women (family excluded) that it was wrong to "feel things" in my body. They never spoke about the sexual feelings that came with growing up. Luckily, for me the women in my family were open about these types of things.

I was taught to embrace my body and all that came with it, that as women we need to love ourselves and respect our bodies. Of course, they didn't allow a lot of things (manners were a must) but as I got older I learned that I could be me as long as I wasn't "disrespecting" my body. I wish I could elaborate more but I need to keep it PG!

This was always an issue in my life, struggling with my sexuality in order to find what was acceptable to society. I'm sure many others girls and women deal with the same exact problems, so hopefully this helpful to you. The media is a double-edge sword when facing the issue of women and their sexuality.

  1. We need to have sex appeal, the ideal body- but act submissive...
  2. When a woman have more than one lover she is looked down upon and given unfair titles...can we say the same for men??
  3. There are many more examples to much for this one post....
 Our society is accepting but rejecting the subject of women sexuality. Personally, I feel that if a woman wants to walk into Spencers and come out with a whole bunch of things, she shouldn't be judged. Or if she want to have more than one lover and never marries she shouldn't have to deal with be treated less than a person.

Sincerely Fay,

Updates & News

Aug 4, 2013

Hello Luvs,

As you all know I host a nifty little session on the weekends called Lets Talk Saturdays… As you all know so far this past Saturday I didn’t post….I am truly sorry for that. I’ve got over 20 emails that day and here is my answer. I decided I would do a video about this….YIKES!!

Book Review: 3 Recent Books I've Read

Jul 31, 2013


As you can probably tell I am stoked!!!! Yes, I said "stoked"! Wouldn't you be if just stumbled across a quaint and awesome indie bookstore in your neighborhood? Not just a bookstore, but one that allows you to have as many free books as you can carry on the first Tuesday of the month. Oh I just had BOOKGASM!!!!

Okay, so while my visit was brief, I found the time to do some digging around to grab books I needed hehehe....it was a struggle amongst the random people the store attracted. But I came out with some awesome and very helpful books.

                           Okay luvs, lets get started with this week book review .........

The perfect summer novel!! Penelope J. Stokes novel, The Blue Bottle Club is an enthralling summer read. The story starts in 1929 and takes us all the way to the present, throughout the journey we meet four women. We experience the ups and downs of friendships, love, and what comes within the world of womanhood. It starts off rather slow but I was very happy that I finished it in the end.

 Dana Stabenow caught me totally off guard with this book. If  you enjoy a good mystery with a dash of culture, A Night Too Dark is perfect. In Alaska, somebody disappears every day, hunters, fishermen and tourists. In Aleut, detective Kate Shugak’s park, people have been falling off the grid quite a bit lately. And as she and state trooper Jim Chopin are about to realize, it’s got something to do with the recent discovery of the world’s second-largest gold mine in their very own backyard.The longer you read, you find yourself imagining being in Kate's place and wanting to dig deeper into the mining controversy and find the truth about what’s going on in her homeland. Even if that means facing down an enemy who will kill to keep certain secrets buried… (4 STARS)

This novel will be one I keep in my home library for years to come. The Thrall's Tale is a beautiful and memorizing mix of; history, romance, and fantasy. Judith Lindbergh has took the history of an actual time period and managed to create a story that has took me into another world. I read the entire book in one sitting!!! This book follows Katla, a slave, her daughter Bibrau, and their mistress Thorbjorg, a prophetess of the Norse god Odin, as they navigate the stormy waters of love, revenge, faith, and deception in the Viking Age settlements of tenth–century Greenland. (5 STARS)

So is there any books you would recommend I read for next week if so let me know, till next time.....

Sincerely Fay,

Why Do You Write?

Jul 27, 2013

Hello luvs,

Its been a while!!! Okay so much has happened since my last post, as always. Recently, I've been on the hunt for writing gigs and internships, trying to build up my experience. But a anonymous person asked me a very interesting question, one I have been asked many times before. Every time, my answers would be capped due to how much time I had to spare. So now that I'm in my tub (my escape), thinking about why I really do write I would love to share my response with you all.

I write for many different reasons, and if you ask me in the future my answer would be different every time. So I'm going to do the best to answer this question.

I write because at one point in my life it was an escape away from a painful existence and an emotional disaster. But even before that, I wrote because I loved the stories I told and I wanted everyone to love them too. I would be able to create tales that took people minds away, offer another place to explore.

Writing was a place to heal and a place to create. It became a need that surpassed desire. I could shape it into a weapon of inspiration, a force to inspire millions of people. It is a way to transcend complicated communication and build bridges across nations and cultures of peoples. It is a way to connect to others who may not speak my language but share my story or know my pain.

It is a way to stay connected to the past of those before me and the future of those ahead. It is a breath of fresh air, a cool breeze, a warm sunny day. It is something that suffocates me, a storm, a very cold winter. It is solitude and companionship. Its a long dirt road with green pastures on one side and a desert on the other. Its a war full of white flags, relinquishment.
It is the idea of giving and taking, the constant pushing and pulling of your soul.

I don't know any other way but this...it is cliched and morphed. It is a life within my life.

Why do You Write???

Sincerely Fay,

Lets Talk Saturday

Jul 20, 2013

Welcome to L.T.S.,

So if your new to this, then here's the deal, LTS was created to have thought talks. This is like a massive scale group talk. I will present an thought talk and you will pitch you opinions on the subject. See, its just that easy! There are no specific rules, however I do expect everyone to be respectful. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own decisions and therefore opinions will vary. Someone once told me, "The earth is a big place and it can't be narrowed down to your lenses alone."  

Come & Talk
Sincerely Fay,

Summer Grind & Introducing "Lets Talk Saturday"

Hello luvs,

Hows it jamming? Okay, so if I haven't mentioned this before, this summer was dedicated to taking summer classes to help me get ahead in college. I know, so many others have ranted and protested to me their dislike of this. But why?

This summer I am dedicating my time and investing into furthering my goals. So not only am I taking classes, I am also working on ways to improve this blog and take it further, and I am still writing and creating for my book. I will be the first to admit that I don't put in enough time with this blog. My blog deserves so much more, but baby steps first, right? So as I have mentioned in an earlier post, I plan on incorporating new aspects to this blog.


A New Perspective

Jul 18, 2013

Hey soul-children,

I am sure that most of us have heard about the sad and very public news of the Trayvon Martin case. Because, I admit, the amount of anger and sadness I felt over this case was beyond troublesome. After a long time of sitting in my room reading the very different responses left by may people, I decided I needed to see a new perspective on this, one that was not shrouded with angry undertones.

Then I came across this post, featuring a man named Eddie Hatcher, this article invoked realizations in me that I hadn't knew where possible. Tell me what you think. The link is below....

I killed Trayvon Martin is the name of this blog post....

Sincerely Fay,

What I would Tell my Younger Self....

Jul 15, 2013

                                                            Hello luvs, it's been a while,

       I'm pretty sure we've all had those moments where we've wished we could go back in time and change past events. But sadly, we lack the ability! So I won't write a post on what I've could have changed, but on what advice I would give my younger self.

        I would say to her while sitting in a tree, in our favorite place, to always dream. I would tell her that her smile, spirit, and body is the most beautiful thing on earth. I would tell her that her words would one day change lives, so never stop writing. I would say that it was okay to hide within books, laying on the floors of libraries. I would tell her to always love herself and never accept anything less than love from others. Always would I tell her to never give up!

        I would tell her that hope is rooted in the soil of this earth, so no matter what obstacles and struggles she will face, she will overcome it. I would tell her to trust herself and her instincts, despite temptations. I would tell her to love hard, no matter how much it may hurt. I would say, stay kind and witty little me. Then I would write with her and speak our dreams out into the universe, past the stars and the suns.

         Then finally as her eyes close to sleep, I would tell her to never change herself.

What would you say to your younger self? Reply below or do a post and make sure to drop the link so I may read it.....

        Sincerely Fay,

Quick Update...Really Short

Jul 5, 2013

Hey luvs,

I am in the midst of writing some new poetry and would love to get some feedback on the latest poem I written...click on the my poetry tab, for my post.
Any who, I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July!! Or for those of you not in the U.S., enjoy today!! Okay....bye bye!!!

Beauty in a Canvas...an SF Thought Talk

Jul 3, 2013

Hey soul-child,

So what is the message of the day??? BE CONFIDENT!!!!

I have had a friend that has recently dealt with some really deep issues about her body image. She felt as though she was very ugly. She couldn't stand looking in the mirror at herself, I would not stand there and listen to it anymore.

The girl is gorgeous; dimples and freckles and the 5'7-5'8 I wish I could be. So I pushed a mirror in front of her beautiful face and made her stare at herself until she found things she liked about herself. Slowly, after hours of confidence building, she smiled and declared that she was a goddess.
No matter how others around you look, never doubt that you weren't a masterpiece on the worlds canvas....

Tell me luvs, have you ever been in a situation like this, if so, how did you deal with? What would you say or do? Till next time....

Sincerely Fay,

Los Angeles Summer and Update....

Jul 2, 2013

Hey luvs, 

Since I live in LA, this summer is hot. Your probably like "duh, its LA!" But its even hotter than normal!! So you will see the style is maxi everythang, light, breezy, and colorful clothing. That is all you can dare to wear because its so hot...

This is definitely tanning season for some, and bitter sunburns for the rest of us. There is nothing I want more but to stay tucked in my house with the fan on full blast. But atlas, I can't!  Because I am a college student, the goal is take as many summer classes as I can in order to graduate within my four years at a Cal State. #thestruggle

So I take this heat in stride as I attend classes, but of late, my sense of style have went to sleep or I might be simply too lazy to actually coordinate things since my closet is a mess. So I am in need of a serious wake up call....on to other news.

I am in the midst of writing poems to go into my book, sadly I have to be push back my publishing date due to a very demanding time schedule. I know that I am sorry for those who were expecting it to be done around August/September, but this upcoming semester will be very demanding of me.

In short I can't write solidly with too many things needing my attention. So the scheduled publishing month is to be January and the release month is to be two months following...I will keep you guys updated. But I promise you all, it will be worth the wait...

catch me on tumblr>>>>> anonymously

Sincerely Fay,

Summer Hair Routine

Jun 19, 2013

Okay so let me say that I have been very busy lately, my absence on here is crazy. Okay to get down to business..

Hair Routine is very simple:
1) protective styles
2) moisturize
3) Vitamins and Hair/Skin Supplements

This summer my focus is maintaining and gaining length for my hair, so I braided it all up. My goal by the end of this year is to be bra strap length...well till next time.

Sincerely Fay,

I'm on Bloglovin...

Jun 13, 2013

Okay so gfc is dying and that means the worst for bloggers...
So in that case I'm announcing that im on bloglovin, a handy little site that allows you to continue to follow your blogs!!!! So click on the link below!

Sincerely Fay,

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/8204007/?claim=tfbfj6fscqp">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

WHat I wOUld WeAr IF...

Jun 8, 2013

Hey Soul-childs,

So one of my gorgeous email followers asked me to do a "what I would wear if" post, or just WIWWI (love acronyms & abbreviating), so to my luv, this is for ya!!! I thought this would be a fun little break from the stress of writing my poem book. Enjoy!!!

What I would wear if I'm writing thee great novel of my career...

What I would wear if I just found out if my favorite actor was in my neighborhood & I only have 5min...

What I would wear if I woke up late for a job interview and don't know what to wear...

What I would wear if my brother invited me to anime convention...

What I would wear if I lost a game against my boyfriend...which I did recently *sigh!!!

Enter xLoveHappyx Giveaway!!!

Jun 7, 2013

Soul-childs everywhere ATTENTION,

Okay so I'm so excited to be entering this give-away, as you can tell. So this will be very short and simple!!! This blogette does not only have a cool blog, she is having a big summer giveaway so go check her out!!!! BTW, feel free to look around, really cool blog!!!

Sincerely Fay,

What God is Teaching Me Blogger Link-Up Event...

Jun 6, 2013

Hey Soul-Childs,

So there is this blogger link-up buzz going around and I would like to join it, especially because it's something I feel really deeply about. So I found out about this link-up on darling bloggette, GETTIN' PRETTY blog, go check this lovely lady out, her blog is such an inspiring place. But then her blog led me to the wonderful woman named Cassie, drop by her spot @ Sage and join this awe inspiring link up. Okay so lets gets started!

So the ask, is to share what God is teaching us about in certain times our life: failure, pain, waiting, not having enough money, facing disappointment, and facing criticism....

Remember this what God has taught me so our views may not be P.I.C. but its okay. BTW  P.I.C. means partner in crime ;-)


Failure is good to have in our life! No one person is the same. It took me failing at so many things to figure out who I am as a person. Failure is a double-edge sword; it helps a person realize what their limits are or helps a person figure out how to push for more in life. For me, failure made me realize that I have a strong sense of ambition and an earnest desire to never give up. (No I'm not overly competitive, I just know what I want in life and how I'm going to go out there and get it. But a healthy dose of competition is needed every once in a while. Hehehe.) Failure is just a stepping stone that each and everyone of us have to overcome in life.


Okay so I have dealt with my fair share of pain in life. From something as small as a stomach cramp to something big that hits me emotionally. Pain comes at us in all forms and as humans we have to learn to deal with it early on in life. Pain brings us together, and it makes us realize that we are not alone in certain situations. We grow out of painful situations, and it serves as one of His many tests (a test of our faith)in life. Pain doesn't last forever, remember this!


Have you ever heard the phrase, "Good things will come to those who wait..." Well it is true, I can't even begin to describe how many times I have endured long waits for things in my life and the outcome was glorious. Rushing things may lead to disastrous outcomes. Being patient is all worth it!!!

Not having enough money

God knows what we need, trust me He does! So then we have to say, well what is enough? He will give us what we need. I can recall a time a friend and I wanted to go to Coachella, and we all know how expensive that can be. I mean we were set on it, planned it all out but in the end due to financial reasons we could not attend. We were bummed and slumped into a "only if I had more money" conversation (we all get to this convo, its ok, its natural). Then, it just so happens that a charity event was going on, that we attended, it was awesome to see the effect we can have on other people's lives, it was way better.You can sum up your own moral of the story.

Facing Disappointment

Disappointment, Henry David Thoreau says, "If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment." We all face it! Problem is that we don't know how to deal with it. Our disappointments matter to God, and God has a way of taking even some of the hardest moments in life and making them into something better.

Facing Criticism

The truth hurt sometimes, we need the truth to figure out what we are doing right or wrong in life. Though it may see harsh at first, take in to consideration one person criticism can reflect the way many others think, hence the phrase, "great minds think alike".Don't take offense their only trying to help you!! But don't forget that these are still someone else's opinion and don't take their words too deeply. There is some people who don't know know that there is a line between insulting and criticizing!

-Sincerely Fay,

Too Good Lemon Cake from The Londoner...

Jun 3, 2013

Hey Luvs,

Ahh, I know what your thinking three posts within hours of each other, whats going on!!! Welp, nothing much, hehehe. Anyways while I was scrolling through my daily blog reads, I came across a blog post that literally made me hungry! Yes hungry for lemon cake!

Her post is full of pics that will make your stomach rejoice!!! So when you get time to visit her lovely space, go now, let me know what you think!!!

So go check out fellow blogger The Londoner, her recipe is mouthwatering, going to my kitchen later on to experiment...

Sincerely Fay,

Tips & Tricks: Extension


Hey Luvs,

So here is an extension of my last post. This will be super short!!! Okay so most bloggers after a while get bloggers block and can't figure out what to post and its very confusing. And if you have been blogging for a while, you all know how that can feel. So I will help solve you bloggers block and give you a lead.

While I cannot tell you what to write, I can surely point you in the right direction. So check out the link below to help you figure out what to write about next. Happy Blogging!!!!

Bloggers Relief

-Sincerely Fay,

Tips & Tricks: DIY Pinker Lips & Lighter Armpits

Hello Luvs,

I don't know about you but I really don't like spending a lot of money to get things and products I want all the time, so with a little searching I came across some cheaper alternatives for a lot of expensive products I used to get the same results. Today I will talk about how you get pinker lips and lighter armpits....


  • wax once or twice a month
  • buffing pads with soap and water gently scrub under arms
  • complete dry arms before you apply deodorant alternative is to use baking soda as deodorant
  • skin lightening creme for underarms or use potatoes daily (potatoes have natural bleaching agent and no harm to your skin)
  • vinegar to get rid of extra dirt or baking soda and water mix
  • don't wear skin tight dark tops, wear looser tops that don't rub against armpit


  • use a straw to drink dark liquids (dark liquids stain your lips)
  • exfoliate lips 2-3xs a week (virgin oil and sugar mix) then massage the surface of lips
  • toothbrush can also be used to massage your lips
  • put on lip balm
  • use lemon/orange peel rub against lips and then apply lip balm
  • stay dehydrated (64ounces a day)
  • remove dark lipstick off completely at night (if not correctly removed stain lips/making them darker)
  • use spf on lips (tinted lip balm usually have spf)
  • use wet eyeshadow (a color a shade or two lighter to your lip color) or lipstain to get pinker lips
  • red cool-aid can be used as a lip color too

            -Sincerely Fay,

Random Friday Postpalooza...

May 31, 2013

Okay because I'm a new blogger who recently added the follower button to my blog and need some blogger mates I'm hosting a RFP Fest, lets see how big this gets. The whole point of this fest is to network and meet new bloggers. So here is the deal, its very simple.

  1. State something random that you did on a particular Friday, doesn't have to be too personal 
  2. Invite 13 random bloggers to participate with this specific invite: TAG YOUR IT... repost the rules
  3. Create a mini story about the 13 bloggers you chose, using their blog names
  4. Follow and/or subscribe to those 13 blogs (if you haven't already)& the one who tagged you

1. On this particular Friday I didn't go to sleep until 5am, I was being a drone to tumblr. 
2. They are linked in the story below...
3. Welcome Readers, this is a story about Fame Liquor & Love, wild flower child, Jasmine Paige wanted to take a trip. She heard there were butterflies on mars and decided to visit, however she didn't want to travel alone. So she invited Oleta Eilis, an odd girl, who was an bohemian like you. I could tell that these girls were looking for an adventure, it's what I'm feeling. Once they arrived on mars they met a gracious ghost, who was kind enough to show them where the butterflies were. He talked about how there was a queen named xoJaniecyxo, who had some epic thread and yarn, they could use it to make a net strong enough to catch a mars butterfly. They gracious ghost told them in order to get to the queen epic thread they would need to visit the show by valeriya called Boast It, to get the approval of the queen. They got the approval, made an awesome net, and caught a rare mars butterfly. The End.

Okay I had fun writing that story, as short as it was, lol. Anyways, hopefully I could meet some new blogger buddies and get this Random Friday Postpalooza on a roll. Till next time...

Sincerely Fay,

Response to Pop Survey: Do you write in your books?

May 30, 2013

Hey luvs,

So I came across a jazzy article while scanning through Ploughshares Literary Magazine; Pop Survey: Do You Write in Your Books? , and I immediately was triggered.

The gears inside my head started to roll and my hand began twitching. I decided to do a response to this article here on my blog. Books to me represent an untold story, ready to be told and dissected. Books are small impressions of the authors soul, would writing in a book destroy it. Hell, no!

I am absolutely horrified when I buy a new book. One, although I really want to read the book and discover the story it wouldn't feel right if its not worn in. Two, I need to break the binding, remove that front paper covering (if its a hardcover book) to see its beauty, throw the book on the floor, stick things in it (bookmarks or stick notes), and bend the pages as the book aroma find its way to my nose.

So, absolute pristine books doesn't have the same feel to me. Its like its a stranger screaming get off my front steps, there is no warm open invitation. I need to be enticed and get completely immersed in the authors world, in order for that to happen I need to feel invited in. I love to dabble and write in my books, I need a way to communicate with the author, I need to connect. I feel like  I can read a book over and know that we connected if there is doodles and writing in the blank spaces.

Yes I would buy a book with markings in the inside only because I get to see how someone us viewed the book and how they connected with the story. I don't personally feel that markings inside a book should ruin their re-sale value but hey, to each their own- right.

Worn, written, doodled books are the best!!!

Sincerely Fay,

Interview with my Brother

May 29, 2013

Hello Luvs, 
Sorry I haven't posted recently, I have been sick (usually associated with little to no energy). So I have not dragged myself to go and write (which usually does not happen). Okay so today read will be about what inspired me to do this post.

So I was having awesome conversation with my brother about the role of internet in our society (this all took place while he was gaming), I said that if internet wasn't used by people 15 and under, people would be investing their time in things more productively. Parents would be able to tell their kids to go outside and play, go to the library (my haven, second home), great way to use your brain to think of things to do and to exercise and get some fresh "city" air. 

He replied, lol. He said then "most people will complain about having to walk or go to the library every time they had a report or needed to do something and that will take a lot of time, it would be much simpler to just look it up on the computer." So driving me into my Nancy Drew personal, I conducted an interview.

1) How do you feel about the whole concept that "the library is out-dated"?
How can a library ever be outdated, there is a limit to what you can get from the computer.
2) What are some pros about the library?
At least the info is true, you can alter a lot of things on the internet.
Better environment to learn things in, without the distraction or annoying pop-ups.
3) What are some cons?
Time consuming, looking for things.
4) Do you think libraries will become non-existent in about 100 years?
No, I do not, its a tradition of american culture, there is still a lot of people who love going to the library.

Let me know your take on the matter...
Sincerely Fay,

Blog Bugs Fixed

May 28, 2013

Hey there luvs,
Okay you guys so I fixed the bugs that is plaguing my blog.

  • So you will be able to see the comments, 
  • also you are able to follow my blog just by having a Google account (check sidebar)!!! 
  • however I can't directly reply to your comments, so I will just post a response in a separate comment...will try to fix this soon I do reply so check back or follow the replies (little box/link near the comments box)

Okay so please you guys follow-up, no pressure or anything!! Anyways I want to say BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO SUBSCRIBED VIA RSS, LOVE YA MWAA.

Sincerely Fay,

My Summer Closet Theme

May 26, 2013

Hello Luvs,
Its summer time and you know what that means maxi skirts and dresses, shorts of all types, one shoulder blouses, xtra large shirts, and print lots of it...

So this is what I plan on rocking this summer. This summer theme is earth tones, yep I have a summer theme. It makes it easier to sort through the mess that is my closet. By setting up a theme    for your summer wardrobe you can set aside certain clothes that you won't need or wear and this limits the problem question>>>> "WHAT TO WEAR".

Capri's/boyfriend pants + blazer/jean or cargo jacket + heels/platforms = edgy look, unique look

       You can also accessorize your outfit to make it unique to you...accessories are key!!!

Pattern can be casual or can be dressed up....

Let us not forget our shorts, time to show some leg....

And of course our solid basic color dresses that we can play with is an essential summer must have!!!

That is all for now luvs,
Sincerely Fay,

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