The Art of Storytelling

Apr 28, 2013

      I think this quote hits the heart and soul of this weekends retreat, I mean up and away from the city and the realities we all face, I was able to learn some stories that were just amazing!! I felt like we are family, we are all held together by common ground.

      During this retreat I became amazingly close to all the people who went. Our theme was so intricate and complex. Stories are past experiences that we grow and become stronger from, however in order to attain a place where as human beings we can become stronger and help one another we must share those stories.

     Creating unity takes action-three important things:

  • I will start....knowing and understanding human beings
  • I will stop.....judging people w/o knowing them and letting other people thoughts influence my decisions and actions
  • I will continue...encourage/stand up for people who can't or won't and share my stories so that others know they are not alone
What will you start, stop and continue doing?

-Sincerely Fay,

Big Bear Retreat


     So as you guys know I have been in Big Bear since yesterday and let me tell you the trip getting here was very interesting. Now, driving steep slopes and flying gives you two different feelings. Flying gets me nervous but then I'm over it. But driving steep slopes in a car on very narrow streets makes me want to write out my obituary. At an elevation of  7000 feet, it is a constant battle between extreme paranoia and majestic scenery.

      Like the scenery is nothing less than extreme beauty, its like you step into a new world. I felt all nostalgic and magical. It felt like nothing but absolute freedom. And the lake, the lake is so crazy beautiful!!!!  Well, this is a social justice retreat!

      As a group of complete strangers coming on a retreat together, not knowing what to expect, but we all shared a common ground, that is the idea of Social Justice. Cabin living, outdoor meetings, deep and personal experiences, all in two days. Grouping up and getting to know everyone story, their struggle and their path to overcoming and beating the things that have held them back. You become humbled and empathize and sympathize with others.

    You learn to respect differences between humans and to respect that everyone haves a story!

Life Matters and Social Justice

Apr 25, 2013

Hey there,

While others stay away from their blogs, I will be constantly on here running away from the stress that finals bring.
I want to update you all on the things currently happening in my corner of the universe. I will be traveling to Big Bear (a very awesome place in Cali) this weekend with my amazing gal Marianna. Hopefully we take some really good pictures that I can put up here.

Anyways I'm going to big bear for a social justice retreat, we will be going to meet up with other people to talk about the importance of the role of social justice in todays society...I feel very passionate about this subject since it includes: gender, gay/lesbian, minority, and human rights!!!!

I will keep you updated on the events we do!!! (IF THERE IS INTERNET) Besides, the small stuff life has been going really well for me lately and I have noticed that I'm maturing into the young woman my family raised me to be!!! My P.I.C., J.Lee, is a blessing in my life, he continues to support and encourage me! I have a permanent smile thanks to him.

What role does social justice play in our society? Is it important? Let me know your thoughts folks!!!

-Sincerely Fay

Young Wisdom

Apr 21, 2013


Sometimes in life we need to be left alone. It is only when we are alone do we find ourselves...

So I agree, it took me this weekend of solitude to refresh my spirit and mind. I remembered that I have a purpose and a goal I want to reach and I plan on getting there and reaching my goal.... I will probably need more moment to myself in the future to clear my head and refocus, then make my next move in life. A lot of people have told me I sound beyond my years, that I am an old soul.

But in truth I believe I am just one young woman, just like many others who tend to sit back and take a look at the life around me. I am observant, and emotionally attached to the life around me. Just because I point out the things I observe doesn't make me an old soul or beyond my years, it makes me an open mind, with the capacity to see and observe things in a different way. Why are a lot of young people considered and old soul, just because we are wise? Why can't we be young and wise? As we grow we get wiser, so why is it at this stage of growth can't I be wise without being an old soul?

Anyways, I still have a lot of growing to do and the wiser I get, the more I see things differently. Over the course of this weekend I have found myself and hopefully you have discovered something new about yourself as well.....

-Sincerely Fay,

Beauty Guru's and My Blog

Apr 20, 2013

So recently I thought hey maybe I should add a fashion segment to my blog....

But then a good friend of mine was like nope. He said my blog is amazing because it dosen't dedicate itself towards fashion. He told me my blog should be for those who wants their mind to be inspired, a place for fashion guru's to get inspired to continue doing with they are doing.

I thought that was very thoughtful of him. Anyways while I will not dedicate a part of my blog to fashion, don't be surprised to see picture posts of what I call unique fashion. Okay! Really its just instagram pics of myself and those who inspire my wardrobe.

So for those of you reading, let this be a daily inspirational blog for you too visit!!!!

Sincerely Fay,

Anonymously Talented: So Lets Talk....

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Late Night Thoughts #2

Apr 16, 2013

Late nights tend to bring out the philosophic side of me, but tonight isn't one of those nights. Tonight I have noticed that there is and have been a shift in my energy.
For those of you who don't know I tend to be in touch with my energy and vibes and all that spazz. So this past week I have noticed a lack in good steady flowing energy which have left me less productive. Im always sleepy (just who I am) but have been unable to rest. Thus, I sleep heavily. Tonight I will start clearing the pathway of my vibes and start gathering my energy around me. Also, I'm still contemplating on my hair, but I'm leaning towards dreads...I miss my dreads. Lol, just thinking under a windy night.

Night Thoughts

Apr 11, 2013

People always told me that I had an old soul with a pinch of free spirit. I was told that I make wise choices and I'm very mature. Well, in some ways I agree but for the most part I make a trillion mistakes a day. I make choices without thinking about the consequences most of the time. But in general I am a good person with a good head on my shoulders who is flawed in so many different ways. Life for me now is pretty damn good, I am blessed and taking care of business. That's how things should be for me until an obstacle come my way.

Message #1

Apr 9, 2013

So today I thought I would do an entry on this quote I made...For me it is a plus to spread love, peace, wisdom, and a realization.
My goal is to have people listen and/or read my words and be inspired or to think- to realize. I don't expect everyone to agree with me and I'm still up and coming in this world but I'm moving nevertheless. 

So here is my thoughts and explanation of this quote.
I wrote this in bed on my phone. I write the best when I'm comfortable or seriously uncomfortable. 
I  notice that a lot of my friends and I are in this stage where we are contemplating what we will do in life as well as how are we going to get there.
We make a list that constantly changes, the old become the new and the new becomes the old. 
Things that once was certain, aren't so certain anymore!
We are on the verge of finding our voices, our passions, our pains and these are things that influence us the most.
I hear a lot of "I'm going to leave things behind in order to escape where I am at now. I will be successful so I don't have to deal with where I am from."
To me that says you are running in order to get away and that the ideal of success is the only way to achieve that.
But success is nothing more than an ideal of society- if your well known, making lots of money- you are considered successful.
But I measure success as conquering obstacles life throw at you, finding your happiness, doing and excelling at your passions despite the money factor. 
That is what society calls unrealistic, what some call not enough! 
Everyday your being successful at something, so then why not measure that as success!


-Sincerely Fay,

I will be writing a poem on this as well so check it out on my other blog>>>>>>

I know that it is difficult to go back and forth between blogs and so I'm trying to create a website dedicated to my blogs so they will both be in one in progress (just like me).

Laughter is Remedy

Apr 8, 2013

This past weekend has been by far the most interesting and therapeutic days I could have.
My  partner in crime is thee best person in the world, we could conquer nations together if we put our minds to it!!!

Anyways to debrief- this weekend was full of food (of course) but most importantly it was team building experience for me and my P.I.C. I laughed (P.I.C on full blast) the most this weekend and that was the therapeutic part.

There is nothing like decorating to bring two people together and creating a game  to find out how two powerful minds can come together! Watching comedy into the late night/ late hours.

Laughing is good for the mind, body, and soul!
So grab your partner and laugh till you pee or get stomach cramps.

The Moon Looks Upon Many...

Apr 4, 2013

I don't know what it is but I must be in my writing mode, two posts in one day whew!

Okay, well hello again everyone. So today have been a very interesting day indeed (did I just say that-yikes). Now for those who don't know I am what you would call an E.S.P "Elegant Sly Procrastinator" and today was one of those days.

My vibes have been disrupted, Zen thrown out of balance as a result of school stress! Those of you who have read my previous post,  know what I'm talking about.

So as a side affect I slept for 2 hours straight, woke up did nothing but lay in bed, body refusing to get up -but I finished an online midterm and some other things.

Now besides that point I have decided its time for some new changes for me and I have yet to figure out what exactly am I going to change...

"What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery, and without it, all the rest are not only useless, but disastrous."
-Thomas Merton

Sincerely Fay, conspiring

Okay So I'm Ranting

Apr 3, 2013

Sorry I haven't posted in a while have begun to get worries the ITIS is curable!

Todays' Topic: Group Projects/Presentations

You would think group projects would end in high school, but to my dismay sadly that isn't true! So I come to college to get ahead, you know do things like: build up my portfolio and resume and graduate with honors (a plus). But others, don't come to college for that stuff no indeed they are here to be something but they need to figure out who they are!

So here I am in class, listening to the professor, who is very interesting and BAM, I have been assigned a group presentation for part 1 of my finals. So I'm like:


Me: Great, just great now I have to work with people that have and affect on one part of my final
Conscious: you can do it Lex, come on its just 3 min per person
Me: a lot can happen in 3 minutes
Conscious: but your a natural born leader, you can whip them into shape
Me: okay I will do it, but I dislike group projects, too many undependable people


Group: Hey...what topic should we do our presentation on
Me: Well since our umbrella subject is *BLANK*, anything under that should be fine
Group: So we agree on doing *BLANK*
Me: Good Idea okay lets work on this

Me: F*** this
Conscious: we need out of this group
Me: Yess, my grade is on the line
Conscious: how can they be in college and be this lazy, 2 weeks have passed and no one even bothered to say hey here is some work I did for the presentation
Me: time for me to become very rude and blunt


So this was basically what is happening in a very comedic and non-profane version (just flip it to get the real deal). I am not an over-achiever but I do get my work done and thoroughly finished. I am not in college to do work for other students and carry their weight. So, being the person that I am, I will most likely end up doing my own presentation.

Anyways as always, I'm a thinker and this was my rant!!!

Sincerely Fay,

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