Hit with the Do Things Bug...

May 24, 2013

So hey there Luvs,

So have you ever done something so out of your comfort zone that you couldn't believe you done it? Yes, I would love to hear about it, but lets get back to me (joking).

So that's whats been going on with me lately. I have recently got hit with the "do things" vibe.

So whats the "doing thing" vibe, Fay? Well it is when you do a crazy load of things, and aren't content with not doing anything. The need to do things are great, thus you end up doing things you normally wouldn't do (unless you are a doer).

So for me I have been tweeting a lot lately mostly just quotes from myself or others. If you follow me on twitter then you know that I don't really tweet a lot, never did understand how to use twitter, LOL. But other than twitter, I have been doing a new thing called "yoga".  I have also the urge to do my hair, twice a day. I am finding that I am in love with DIY projects, I look up new ideas daily. Also I'm going to the local park for some R&R, or just a space to clear my mind and write in my journal and junk.

I have an urge to do something different everyday, will I do it, IDK!! Just randomness, thanks for reading it!!!

Sincerely Fay,
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