Live Life to the Fullest #summeredition

May 21, 2013

Hey loves,

So I have compiled a list of things I would like to do in the summer to live up my summer, hopefully you could use my list as a guide or add on to it or idk, maybe ignore it all. LOL!

  • I plan to live life (summer at the moment)to the fullest, as my totally original title say (yeah I know).
  • Search for classes to take in the summer to get ahead, go scholar (yeah right no scholar yet)
  • Look for poetry jams in your community (highly requested)
  • Attend a lot of free/paid music festivals, try to at least attend one that is out of your normal musical genre
  • Go to free events near you, sometimes these community events will surprise you
  • Do something at least once a week to improve your well being, internal/external health, state of mind, moods, etc (yoga, exercise, zen, meditation, watching/hearing something relaxing, staying on tumblr mabye)
  • Last, but not final please don't forget to laugh, laugh hard-love yourself and others

All of these ideas is a great way to network and meet interesting new people (if only I wasn't so socially awkward)...let me know if you all have any more things you would add or change

-Sincerely Fay,
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