Packing Up & Moving Out

May 16, 2013

Hey there lovelies, this week has been hectic.

This update will be short and simple. As you know this is finals week for me. I have a total of three finals to take this week-1 down 2 to go! Not only do I have to study, or quick review my subjects- I also have to pack!

Now packing is the probably the worst thing to do, unloading is easy, moving is easy> moving out is a whole new type of stressful ju-ju. I have thee hardest time moving out of places its like how did I have 50% more than what I came with, how did I accumulate this mess.

Ugh! The struggles of being a college student, dorming is not always as glamorous as it seems, there are many pitfalls.Moving out maybe the worst of all....

As you can tell this is a rant!!! Or maybe I'm just stressing out over finals!! Be blessed, everyone!

-Sincerely Fay,
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