May 6, 2013

Hey there Blogging Fam,

So as you all probably guessed I am a College student!!! This week is study week and next week is finals week. Now, I am not condoning drinking at all,  but I want to have a drink to calm these nerves, maybe a nice glass of Strawberry Banana Coconut juice, yummy. Fooled ya, didn't I. Moving on to today's topic.

Well, this will be short. I just wanted to update you guys on whats been happening and my goals. I've always been told if you don't have goals you will never accomplish what you want because you have no map to help get you there.

Well here is the update, I am currently trying to pass all my classes without messing up my beautiful GPA. I have spent the weekend with my family and it reminds me of how much I miss my family and I can't wait to be with them in the summer. My lovely P.I.C. J.Lee is the most loving guy I've ever met, he literally spoils me, love ya partner.

Short Term Goals:
  1. Get that Job
  2. Start looking for internships
  3. Collect all my poems and make them into a book
  4. Take summer classes
  5. Go to more poetry jams/slams/readings on my summer weekends

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