Random Friday Postpalooza...

May 31, 2013

Okay because I'm a new blogger who recently added the follower button to my blog and need some blogger mates I'm hosting a RFP Fest, lets see how big this gets. The whole point of this fest is to network and meet new bloggers. So here is the deal, its very simple.

  1. State something random that you did on a particular Friday, doesn't have to be too personal 
  2. Invite 13 random bloggers to participate with this specific invite: TAG YOUR IT... repost the rules
  3. Create a mini story about the 13 bloggers you chose, using their blog names
  4. Follow and/or subscribe to those 13 blogs (if you haven't already)& the one who tagged you

1. On this particular Friday I didn't go to sleep until 5am, I was being a drone to tumblr. 
2. They are linked in the story below...
3. Welcome Readers, this is a story about Fame Liquor & Love, wild flower child, Jasmine Paige wanted to take a trip. She heard there were butterflies on mars and decided to visit, however she didn't want to travel alone. So she invited Oleta Eilis, an odd girl, who was an bohemian like you. I could tell that these girls were looking for an adventure, it's what I'm feeling. Once they arrived on mars they met a gracious ghost, who was kind enough to show them where the butterflies were. He talked about how there was a queen named xoJaniecyxo, who had some epic thread and yarn, they could use it to make a net strong enough to catch a mars butterfly. They gracious ghost told them in order to get to the queen epic thread they would need to visit the show by valeriya called Boast It, to get the approval of the queen. They got the approval, made an awesome net, and caught a rare mars butterfly. The End.

Okay I had fun writing that story, as short as it was, lol. Anyways, hopefully I could meet some new blogger buddies and get this Random Friday Postpalooza on a roll. Till next time...

Sincerely Fay,

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