Response to Pop Survey: Do you write in your books?

May 30, 2013

Hey luvs,

So I came across a jazzy article while scanning through Ploughshares Literary Magazine; Pop Survey: Do You Write in Your Books? , and I immediately was triggered.

The gears inside my head started to roll and my hand began twitching. I decided to do a response to this article here on my blog. Books to me represent an untold story, ready to be told and dissected. Books are small impressions of the authors soul, would writing in a book destroy it. Hell, no!

I am absolutely horrified when I buy a new book. One, although I really want to read the book and discover the story it wouldn't feel right if its not worn in. Two, I need to break the binding, remove that front paper covering (if its a hardcover book) to see its beauty, throw the book on the floor, stick things in it (bookmarks or stick notes), and bend the pages as the book aroma find its way to my nose.

So, absolute pristine books doesn't have the same feel to me. Its like its a stranger screaming get off my front steps, there is no warm open invitation. I need to be enticed and get completely immersed in the authors world, in order for that to happen I need to feel invited in. I love to dabble and write in my books, I need a way to communicate with the author, I need to connect. I feel like  I can read a book over and know that we connected if there is doodles and writing in the blank spaces.

Yes I would buy a book with markings in the inside only because I get to see how someone us viewed the book and how they connected with the story. I don't personally feel that markings inside a book should ruin their re-sale value but hey, to each their own- right.

Worn, written, doodled books are the best!!!

Sincerely Fay,

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