Book Review: 3 Recent Books I've Read

Jul 31, 2013


As you can probably tell I am stoked!!!! Yes, I said "stoked"! Wouldn't you be if just stumbled across a quaint and awesome indie bookstore in your neighborhood? Not just a bookstore, but one that allows you to have as many free books as you can carry on the first Tuesday of the month. Oh I just had BOOKGASM!!!!

Okay, so while my visit was brief, I found the time to do some digging around to grab books I needed was a struggle amongst the random people the store attracted. But I came out with some awesome and very helpful books.

                           Okay luvs, lets get started with this week book review .........

The perfect summer novel!! Penelope J. Stokes novel, The Blue Bottle Club is an enthralling summer read. The story starts in 1929 and takes us all the way to the present, throughout the journey we meet four women. We experience the ups and downs of friendships, love, and what comes within the world of womanhood. It starts off rather slow but I was very happy that I finished it in the end.

 Dana Stabenow caught me totally off guard with this book. If  you enjoy a good mystery with a dash of culture, A Night Too Dark is perfect. In Alaska, somebody disappears every day, hunters, fishermen and tourists. In Aleut, detective Kate Shugak’s park, people have been falling off the grid quite a bit lately. And as she and state trooper Jim Chopin are about to realize, it’s got something to do with the recent discovery of the world’s second-largest gold mine in their very own backyard.The longer you read, you find yourself imagining being in Kate's place and wanting to dig deeper into the mining controversy and find the truth about what’s going on in her homeland. Even if that means facing down an enemy who will kill to keep certain secrets buried… (4 STARS)

This novel will be one I keep in my home library for years to come. The Thrall's Tale is a beautiful and memorizing mix of; history, romance, and fantasy. Judith Lindbergh has took the history of an actual time period and managed to create a story that has took me into another world. I read the entire book in one sitting!!! This book follows Katla, a slave, her daughter Bibrau, and their mistress Thorbjorg, a prophetess of the Norse god Odin, as they navigate the stormy waters of love, revenge, faith, and deception in the Viking Age settlements of tenth–century Greenland. (5 STARS)

So is there any books you would recommend I read for next week if so let me know, till next time.....

Sincerely Fay,

Why Do You Write?

Jul 27, 2013

Hello luvs,

Its been a while!!! Okay so much has happened since my last post, as always. Recently, I've been on the hunt for writing gigs and internships, trying to build up my experience. But a anonymous person asked me a very interesting question, one I have been asked many times before. Every time, my answers would be capped due to how much time I had to spare. So now that I'm in my tub (my escape), thinking about why I really do write I would love to share my response with you all.

I write for many different reasons, and if you ask me in the future my answer would be different every time. So I'm going to do the best to answer this question.

I write because at one point in my life it was an escape away from a painful existence and an emotional disaster. But even before that, I wrote because I loved the stories I told and I wanted everyone to love them too. I would be able to create tales that took people minds away, offer another place to explore.

Writing was a place to heal and a place to create. It became a need that surpassed desire. I could shape it into a weapon of inspiration, a force to inspire millions of people. It is a way to transcend complicated communication and build bridges across nations and cultures of peoples. It is a way to connect to others who may not speak my language but share my story or know my pain.

It is a way to stay connected to the past of those before me and the future of those ahead. It is a breath of fresh air, a cool breeze, a warm sunny day. It is something that suffocates me, a storm, a very cold winter. It is solitude and companionship. Its a long dirt road with green pastures on one side and a desert on the other. Its a war full of white flags, relinquishment.
It is the idea of giving and taking, the constant pushing and pulling of your soul.

I don't know any other way but is cliched and morphed. It is a life within my life.

Why do You Write???

Sincerely Fay,

Lets Talk Saturday

Jul 20, 2013

Welcome to L.T.S.,

So if your new to this, then here's the deal, LTS was created to have thought talks. This is like a massive scale group talk. I will present an thought talk and you will pitch you opinions on the subject. See, its just that easy! There are no specific rules, however I do expect everyone to be respectful. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own decisions and therefore opinions will vary. Someone once told me, "The earth is a big place and it can't be narrowed down to your lenses alone."  

Come & Talk
Sincerely Fay,

Summer Grind & Introducing "Lets Talk Saturday"

Hello luvs,

Hows it jamming? Okay, so if I haven't mentioned this before, this summer was dedicated to taking summer classes to help me get ahead in college. I know, so many others have ranted and protested to me their dislike of this. But why?

This summer I am dedicating my time and investing into furthering my goals. So not only am I taking classes, I am also working on ways to improve this blog and take it further, and I am still writing and creating for my book. I will be the first to admit that I don't put in enough time with this blog. My blog deserves so much more, but baby steps first, right? So as I have mentioned in an earlier post, I plan on incorporating new aspects to this blog.


A New Perspective

Jul 18, 2013

Hey soul-children,

I am sure that most of us have heard about the sad and very public news of the Trayvon Martin case. Because, I admit, the amount of anger and sadness I felt over this case was beyond troublesome. After a long time of sitting in my room reading the very different responses left by may people, I decided I needed to see a new perspective on this, one that was not shrouded with angry undertones.

Then I came across this post, featuring a man named Eddie Hatcher, this article invoked realizations in me that I hadn't knew where possible. Tell me what you think. The link is below....

I killed Trayvon Martin is the name of this blog post....

Sincerely Fay,

What I would Tell my Younger Self....

Jul 15, 2013

                                                            Hello luvs, it's been a while,

       I'm pretty sure we've all had those moments where we've wished we could go back in time and change past events. But sadly, we lack the ability! So I won't write a post on what I've could have changed, but on what advice I would give my younger self.

        I would say to her while sitting in a tree, in our favorite place, to always dream. I would tell her that her smile, spirit, and body is the most beautiful thing on earth. I would tell her that her words would one day change lives, so never stop writing. I would say that it was okay to hide within books, laying on the floors of libraries. I would tell her to always love herself and never accept anything less than love from others. Always would I tell her to never give up!

        I would tell her that hope is rooted in the soil of this earth, so no matter what obstacles and struggles she will face, she will overcome it. I would tell her to trust herself and her instincts, despite temptations. I would tell her to love hard, no matter how much it may hurt. I would say, stay kind and witty little me. Then I would write with her and speak our dreams out into the universe, past the stars and the suns.

         Then finally as her eyes close to sleep, I would tell her to never change herself.

What would you say to your younger self? Reply below or do a post and make sure to drop the link so I may read it.....

        Sincerely Fay,

Quick Update...Really Short

Jul 5, 2013

Hey luvs,

I am in the midst of writing some new poetry and would love to get some feedback on the latest poem I on the my poetry tab, for my post.
Any who, I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July!! Or for those of you not in the U.S., enjoy today!! Okay....bye bye!!!

Beauty in a SF Thought Talk

Jul 3, 2013

Hey soul-child,

So what is the message of the day??? BE CONFIDENT!!!!

I have had a friend that has recently dealt with some really deep issues about her body image. She felt as though she was very ugly. She couldn't stand looking in the mirror at herself, I would not stand there and listen to it anymore.

The girl is gorgeous; dimples and freckles and the 5'7-5'8 I wish I could be. So I pushed a mirror in front of her beautiful face and made her stare at herself until she found things she liked about herself. Slowly, after hours of confidence building, she smiled and declared that she was a goddess.
No matter how others around you look, never doubt that you weren't a masterpiece on the worlds canvas....

Tell me luvs, have you ever been in a situation like this, if so, how did you deal with? What would you say or do? Till next time....

Sincerely Fay,

Los Angeles Summer and Update....

Jul 2, 2013

Hey luvs, 

Since I live in LA, this summer is hot. Your probably like "duh, its LA!" But its even hotter than normal!! So you will see the style is maxi everythang, light, breezy, and colorful clothing. That is all you can dare to wear because its so hot...

This is definitely tanning season for some, and bitter sunburns for the rest of us. There is nothing I want more but to stay tucked in my house with the fan on full blast. But atlas, I can't!  Because I am a college student, the goal is take as many summer classes as I can in order to graduate within my four years at a Cal State. #thestruggle

So I take this heat in stride as I attend classes, but of late, my sense of style have went to sleep or I might be simply too lazy to actually coordinate things since my closet is a mess. So I am in need of a serious wake up call....on to other news.

I am in the midst of writing poems to go into my book, sadly I have to be push back my publishing date due to a very demanding time schedule. I know that I am sorry for those who were expecting it to be done around August/September, but this upcoming semester will be very demanding of me.

In short I can't write solidly with too many things needing my attention. So the scheduled publishing month is to be January and the release month is to be two months following...I will keep you guys updated. But I promise you all, it will be worth the wait...

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Sincerely Fay,
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