Why Do You Write?

Jul 27, 2013

Hello luvs,

Its been a while!!! Okay so much has happened since my last post, as always. Recently, I've been on the hunt for writing gigs and internships, trying to build up my experience. But a anonymous person asked me a very interesting question, one I have been asked many times before. Every time, my answers would be capped due to how much time I had to spare. So now that I'm in my tub (my escape), thinking about why I really do write I would love to share my response with you all.

I write for many different reasons, and if you ask me in the future my answer would be different every time. So I'm going to do the best to answer this question.

I write because at one point in my life it was an escape away from a painful existence and an emotional disaster. But even before that, I wrote because I loved the stories I told and I wanted everyone to love them too. I would be able to create tales that took people minds away, offer another place to explore.

Writing was a place to heal and a place to create. It became a need that surpassed desire. I could shape it into a weapon of inspiration, a force to inspire millions of people. It is a way to transcend complicated communication and build bridges across nations and cultures of peoples. It is a way to connect to others who may not speak my language but share my story or know my pain.

It is a way to stay connected to the past of those before me and the future of those ahead. It is a breath of fresh air, a cool breeze, a warm sunny day. It is something that suffocates me, a storm, a very cold winter. It is solitude and companionship. Its a long dirt road with green pastures on one side and a desert on the other. Its a war full of white flags, relinquishment.
It is the idea of giving and taking, the constant pushing and pulling of your soul.

I don't know any other way but this...it is cliched and morphed. It is a life within my life.

Why do You Write???

Sincerely Fay,
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