From a Feminist Point of View

Aug 8, 2013

Hello soul-children,

Now before I start, I would like to say this not going to be a rampage of women rights yadda yadda. No, I'm just going to give my perspective on some issues. I know the title might raise red flags for some people viewing this, there is that what the hell Sincerely Fay look on some of your faces right now. Okay well I'm going to just plain out say the following; I'M A FEMINIST, SO THE FUCK WHAT!!! Please excuse my french!

Now that I got that out there and we are over this, we can begin. So as usual I check my feeds everyday for some interesting reads and pictures. Two particular pieces stood out to me so I'd like to share my findings. The pieces featured a topic about lead female roles in society & the role of sexual pleasure in society.

In these times it's not unusual to see a kick-ass lead female. No doubt we've come a long way from an usually archaic male dominated world. The sharp increase in heroins has been on the up-rise in recent years. All over, female figures have been depicted as strong, intelligent and equally superior to their male counterparts in the media, especially in novels and films.

This is especially a good thing for future generations, and all genders. It helps eliminate some of the pressures of a growing child, especially little girls. Now they can see that they don't have to be weak or unable to speak their mind because it is not "lady-like." However, as far as we've come we still have a long way to go. Women need to be depicted as strong and intelligent off-screen just as much as on screen.

Now, I was one of those awkward girls who secretly desired to watch adult movies to see why it was such a bad juju and why my parents always made me close my eyes on certain scenes. I was told by many women (family excluded) that it was wrong to "feel things" in my body. They never spoke about the sexual feelings that came with growing up. Luckily, for me the women in my family were open about these types of things.

I was taught to embrace my body and all that came with it, that as women we need to love ourselves and respect our bodies. Of course, they didn't allow a lot of things (manners were a must) but as I got older I learned that I could be me as long as I wasn't "disrespecting" my body. I wish I could elaborate more but I need to keep it PG!

This was always an issue in my life, struggling with my sexuality in order to find what was acceptable to society. I'm sure many others girls and women deal with the same exact problems, so hopefully this helpful to you. The media is a double-edge sword when facing the issue of women and their sexuality.

  1. We need to have sex appeal, the ideal body- but act submissive...
  2. When a woman have more than one lover she is looked down upon and given unfair titles...can we say the same for men??
  3. There are many more examples to much for this one post....
 Our society is accepting but rejecting the subject of women sexuality. Personally, I feel that if a woman wants to walk into Spencers and come out with a whole bunch of things, she shouldn't be judged. Or if she want to have more than one lover and never marries she shouldn't have to deal with be treated less than a person.

Sincerely Fay,

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