Bullying: A Message

Sep 14, 2013

Hey luvs,

This topic really hits home for me. I have been a victim of bullying every since elementary school and I wanted to raise awareness to, SAY NO TO BULLYING, IT COSTS. For all you young people, even adults...this is for you. Hopefully, after viewing this you won't feel so alone anymore. Bullying has caused many deaths, it must STOP! I can't even begin to tell you how many friends and people I've lost to this monster. Let it end here!!!!

  Dear Love,

     I know right now you feel like there's no end to the torment. I know believe me, I know! But I care for you, I don't need to know you personally because our pain creates a bind so strong, it ties us together universally. I know it GETS BETTER! The road we walk; is a lonely, painful one. I know the feeling of not wanting to look in the mirror because you can't see the beautiful, the sexy. The longing to get attention from those untouchable people we admire from the distance, the ones who we daydream about. Those, who are the very ones that spit venom that sinks deeper than any blade that cuts into our skin. The ones who make us feel disgusted with our own beauty, so we change ourselves and degrade the ones who walk the very same path. I admire your strength to hold the tears back, not letting them see the heavy hot streaks that trails your face until your alone. I admire the person that is within the layers, protected inside. I admire the strength to create art on a body that's been through so much, but let's put down the blade and find our courage. I admire those lips that don't smile, but I want to see that amazing curve that speaks volumes and tells stories. I admire the you that can't look in the mirror, but we must so we can find our shining soul in the eyes that look back at us. I admire your sense of escape, but flush the pills down the toilet so we can finish this adventure together. I promise you the story is yours there is more to be written. I admire the relief we find at the bottom of that bottle in the brown bag, but the glory we get from putting it down tells us how strong we are. I admire the pain you endure from the people you love, we should never forget that pain, it made us tougher. I admire the story you have yet to tell, the pictures you have not drawn. Be strong, chase the stars, hold your head high, endure to overcome, believe and hope when there is little to hope for, keep staring at the moon to give you a sense of peace, send you dreams into the sky, and scream your happiness into the universe-it will hear you. I hear your cries, because I've cried right along with you. Fuck the bullshit....I'm telling you to conquer and take back your life. It's yours, no one else can put a number on your worth, don't let them!

 Sincerely a Companion, Sincerely Fay

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