Catch Up Time

Sep 5, 2013

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!

 Okay luvs, it's been too long since I've done a post about what's happening in my life. So get comfortable while I lay it on ya.

So about two weeks ago I moved in my dorm (college student swag!!!). The hassle..... all that moving, carrying heavy objects into my building. Then once that was over, phase 2 was implemented.....UNPACKING (oh lawd)! I mean when I say chaos, I mean chaos. Boxes were everywhere, couldn't see the floor at all. I stepped on my fair share of pointy objects. Then came the most nerve wrecking aspect, phase 3, DECORATING! I was literally imagining 50 ways I could beautify my boring egg-white space. I had lights to hang, shelves to fill, desk space to occupy, and bare walls to erase. This was a long process of trial and error. Now to add a time frame. I moved in at 2pm and finished around 1am.


Currently, I am figuring out my professors and how they operate. I am loving every class so far and enjoying the fact that all my professors are awesome women!!! I am fretting about tomorrow because my University's first big event is happening and I'm nervous! (There will be a whole video post that addresses this!) I am also putting my publishing of my book on the back-burner for a while (very depressing) due to issues with the publisher. I will be putting up new poetry very soon.

There is a lot coming up, so stay tuned beautiful people!!!
Sincerely Fay, (excited)

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