Oct 27, 2013

Hey moon-children,

So I know it's been a while, I've been neglecting my duties! I have been really feeling sluggish and like everything around me just push the fast-forward button. Days have been flying by really fast, heck I'm already in the middle of my semester at my university! So what have I been doing well for one, I've been trying to find my muse in order to write. I am in the process of finding myself, renewing my energy and all that funk.
Flower Crown DIY Snippet

I know I promised some DIY videos (I haven't forgot), I'm just waiting on getting my camera before I start doing more videos. So I have a goal that I would like to share with you all, I plan on doing self-documenting project using the videos I post up (explanation in later posts).

So I came across this wonderful article that I found intresting and decided to share this knowledge with you. Check it out!

2O Great Cities in America for Writers

From Me to You

Oct 1, 2013

Hey there luvs,

Today I just want to blog, so I can let go of these frustrations, bear with me.

Sometimes when you think your on the right path, something comes along and yank you right off. It comes in many forms; a temptation, a need, responsibility, love, friendship, networks, school, family, greed, emotions, hormones...you get the point. I've been very diligent and caring about all of those things plus some, but I've reached my limit. Well, at least, I think I have. I've lost my drive!

Now, I won't explode yet, but it's coming! Life lately has become a lot of knots, many of which is difficult to untangle. Hell, there is those I don't even want to untangle! I have to find myself again (this ought to be fun -_-). I know there are some things in my life I need to let go in order to get my piece of mind, something has changed that recently. Ugh!

Anyways, enough of my craziness! Here are some words for those who are going through hard times, we all need a "pick-me-up". Its good to be relieved of the burdens once in a while:

Hold your head up...Inhale....Let it out...shake your body...smile...look at yourself and say this: I AM STRONG & AMAZING, I WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

Sincerely Fay,
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