Blog Challenge: Oh Yeah!

Dec 20, 2013

Hello Luvs,

     I have been struck with the worst case of writer's block, it's friggin annoying! I can't seem to think about anything to write about, which in my case is really sad. (Future Journalist Here) So my lovely friend, whom wish to remain anonymous, have suggested that I do a writing challenge.

     Naturally, I was thanking the heavens that I may have answer to my problem; jumping up and down, smiling ear to ear, twirling- okay I think you get the picture. Then she hit me with a wall, I have to write about the topics that would be given to me, no matter how controversial or unappealing they may seem. So bear with me this next week or two may be a bit out of sync with the holiday season!

Vlogmas #1

I had the pleasure of hearing a spoken word and I really enjoyed it. If you guys don't know this about me I love poetry, spoken word, and literature in general! So the first vlogmas I present to you is a Spoken Word Review.


I have to say that when I watched this I was thoroughly surprised. Before I even watched this, I made up my mind, I thought this would be about how the rich disregards and oppress those under them. But to my surprise, it was about the opposite. Performer Benjamin Kheng, talked about what it means to be rich, the different meanings of being rich, all while seamlessly telling you stories that haves it's own message. It felt good and made me feel uplifted, something that was deep yet not bringing my vibes down.


Sincerely Fay,

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