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Dec 23, 2014

Hello Luvs,

Welp, this December has been eventful. So this post will be relatively 'meaty', but bear in mind that... what you will get out of this post is dash of inspiration, a pinch of laughter, with an extra dose of chill talk.  

Now that the Intro is done shall we begin.

Music! I live on Spotify and Soundcloud you guys! I wouldn't consider myself the connoisseur of; hip, underground, alternative, feel good, vibing music, but..... consider me an agent of some sort. I feel like music is one of the only thing that gets me through my long days. As it is the holidays I want to make some suggestions to some playlists I've been into recently, check it out:

LTS: Sisterhood

Dec 7, 2014

  • Sisterhood

"a coven of femme fatales, closely bonded, not always related by blood. They will tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other and their imperfections."


                        - my own version (tweaked from urban dictionary)

Inhaling the Calm: Fall in So-Cal

Nov 18, 2014

Hello Luvs,

I've been on hiatus, due to some personal reasons, of course. It seems like I take these long breaks before coming back to my home (my blog) to get a peace of mind. 

Whelp! I am back for now. As you all may have noticed, I have changed the layout of blog, hope you like it. 

I have sat at my desk about three or four times a week over the course of the last two months trying to push out a post. Yes, this is part rant!

Fall has officially landed in So Cal, and I have to say it's about time.  I am typing this as I am in my lit- theory class and as a way to kill time I am blogging.


Oct 24, 2014

out-growing confinement

Sep 5, 2014


Jul 27, 2014

Music Corner: Tinashe - Vulnerable (Sango Remix)

Jul 26, 2014

What You Need to Know! : College Life #3

Jul 24, 2014

shots & chances

Jun 28, 2014

It's been a while luvs,

I've noticed that my post titles are becoming more and  more thoughtful. I wonder if at the end of reading this, will you be able to understand the meaning of the title. This ought to be fun! I have never had a very solid plan when it comes to my blog. I map out a plan and then it disappears! 

I've realized (after doing some research...yeah right) that in order for me to be successful in the profession that I want to go in, I need to understand a little bit about everything. What is the profession that I dream of going into, well I will tell ya! I want to write for magazines!

Getting Your First Place

Jun 16, 2014

image from

 Hello Luvs,
 Getting your own place? You have that feeling of living independent of your family, moving out into the world, creating a space that is uniquely your own. It's exciting right! I know, so was I, but I was also more confused as the process went forward. Just like I was, you're probably not sure of where to even start, but no worries - I am here to help. It takes a lot of work to find the right place, but when you're drinking cool lemonade out of a mason jar on your balcony, it's all worth it.

I. Credit

First thing first, credit score decency. Having a good credit score is important. When you're searching for a home or an apartment, the bank or landlord will be able to see your credit history. Why? They will need assurance that you are dependable; that you financially responsible. 
But what if I don't have any credit or building credit? Being as I am a college student, I fell into this category. Most likely you will need a co-signer, someone that has good credit that will be used as collateral if you do not pay your mortgage or rent. Make sure you find someone who is qualified.

II. Budget

Always handle your financial responsibilities. Make a budget, so that way you can see if you can afford bills + rent/mortgage every month. When you do this, it will allow you to decide whether or not you should room with others to save money. Don't make anyone suffer because of your mistakes.

 III. Search

Make a list of the areas you want to live in. Then hop onto Google and begin the search.  This will be the most trying and tiring part of the process. Bookmark places that you qualify for and like. Set up appointments to view the place. The pictures online will not give you the 'feel' of the area or the people who reside in the area, it's best to personally visit the area yourself.

Figure out what you need in a place versus what you want. This applies for places with/without blaconies, pools, gyms, saunas, covered secure parking, gated, security, etc. Take into account these things, remember you will live here for at least a year.

IV. Decorate + Enjoy

Now that you have settled in and have the keys to your place, what's next? You move in and decorate of course! For this part of the process take advantage of thrift stores and cheaper furniture store alternatives to save money. Remember that you are on a budget! Once everything is done, sit back relax and sip lemonade from a mason jar.

Sincerely Fay,

p.s. Do you have any crazy first place experiences you would like to share?

trees + shade

Jun 14, 2014

 Hey Luvs,
I spent the day doing something productive. Yes, I went outside the four walls I have been stuck in.
Lately, I've been stuck inside my apartment, waiting for things to get rolling in my life. The result is 8 hours of Korean drama's and 2 hours of dancing a day. I've never been the one to stay still for long periods of time and the wait I'm experiencing is just too much. Not too mention that I'm dealing with cray -cray family issues. But today was different, I actually did things today. 
I wanted to share my day with you through pictures, so here's what I've been up to.

Sitting on top of the building writing some new poetry, thinking getting my mind right...

The view from my rooftop, what a way to start my morning.

 Ventura Blvd
Sushi + Teriyaki Rolls + TJ maxx derpin
Walking down ventura with two amazing ladies...
Sunset's in LA
And with the sunset came the end of a great day. Honestly, it's great to get out of the house and catch some air with my girly friends. Walking around the neighborhood is so refreshing, take my mind off a lot of things.

 Tip: Get out of your home once in a while and take a stroll through your neighborhood, it does wonders for a stressful week.

Sincerely Fay,

A little thing called life...

Jun 3, 2014

 Hey Luvs,
I found this image on tumblr and the relevance it has in my life right now is almost unnerving.
Self- love. I am starting to find myself facing this issue more often.
Looking in the mirror and not finding the beauty in the person starring back at me, I have faced this more often than I would like to admit. We all struggle with this inner battle.

COLLEGE LIFE #2: Choosing a Major (My Advice/Experience)

May 25, 2014

Here is my advice and tips on choosing the right major. Remember that you are investing your time (4+ years) at a college. Why not make it amazing?

COLLEGE LIFE #1: Choosing the Right College (My Advice)

May 24, 2014

Congrats to you graduating seniors! Here is to the next chapter in your life, cheers! I can tell you that it will be one heck of an experience. It's up to you to make it good or bad, crazy or chill. Enjoy your summer!

Music Corner: LeMarquis - Bruise

May 12, 2014

Hello Luvs,

I have another song that I've been feeling lately. 

-Sincerely Fay,

LTS: Communication

May 10, 2014


Hey Luvs,

It's been a while since I've done a LTS! For those of you who are new to my blog, an LTS is a post dedicated to talking about semi-deep to really deep issues. LTS, means "Lets Talk Saturday/ Sunday", depending on the day I actually post it up. =) Okay, moving on, I've noticed lately that in my life a reoccurring  theme that has been causing all sorts of problems for me is communication.

Music Corner

May 8, 2014

Hey Luvs,

I've come to share some great music with you. I am on the hunt for some summer music. Ugh!!! I love this YouTube channel, why isn't it on spotify?? Any-who, give it a listen. Oh, and if you have any recommendations leave it in the comments section.

- Sincerely Fay,

April Madness

Apr 23, 2014

Hello Luvs,

Okay so far April has been a pretty eventful and stressful month. It's spring! I am moving! College mid-terms with finals right around the corner, what is this life of a student!!! Let me give you some handy tips on how to make it through April!


Apr 8, 2014

Hey Luvs,

           Okay so just a quick update, I have not stopped exercising. I just haven't posted up what I've been doing because I've been doing the same thing, just switching it up. Lately, I have been dancing a lot instead of doing actual situp's and lunges, etc. Okay, so my friends and I have been chilling a lot lately and I must say that I have a new eatery to add to my list!

Crave Cafe

"if you don't know about it, get hip..."

The mango smoothie, was orgasmic to my taste buds. The sandwiches were amazingly made, do come hungry.

 The atmosphere and ambiance was very chill and relaxing. Good vibes!

 Definitely, a good place to chill out by yourself, wi-fi available. Or come with your friends, it's 24 hours so, if your hungry and willing to drive go for it!!!!!

Sincerely Fay,

Music Corner

Mar 25, 2014

Hello Luvs,

So if you all don't know I live in Los Angeles and I'm all about reppin that! Seriously, so about nine months ago a friend of mine sent me an amazing song, I love indie bands and she told me to give it a listen. Boy, can I say I immediately loved it. However, it was not until a few weeks after that I decided to look up the actual band and dig around a bit, to get a feel of their music. I now present to you Los Angeles based - Sir Sly.

Running Around L.A.

Mar 18, 2014

Hey Luvs,

      So this past weekend I decided to show my friend around L.A., not all of it of course that would take days. Anyway, it was not until I was acting as a tour guide that I figured out that I don't know that much about L.A. and I've lived here all my life! The second revelation was that L.A. is very beautiful and has a unique charm that stands out among other cities. As my friend is new to L.A., the best way to travel and show her what it had to offer was of course by using the METRO.

First off was to the METRO redline North Hollywood Station took it all the way to perishing square station where we got off and landed in the middle of downtown L.A.

The next stop was the Last Bookstore, off we went into the most brilliant and decked out bookstore on the west coast. I've never been in a bookstore, like this one, and I guarantee you-many of you haven't either. This is one of L.A.'s gems. My friend was blown away when she walked inside. And I have to admit, I've been here many times before and I'm still always amazed at the maze of craziness, literally the second floor is a maze. Whoever designed this place must have been a close relative of whoever designed Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland set.

We then scoured the streets for a place to eat, but instead of eating we walked right into Little Tokyo, because we were nearby. This area is very cute, and it is a cross of American and Japanese culture. We settled on eating at Sushi & Teri's restaurant.

Afterwards, we grabbed some of our favorite flavors of mochi, a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the common oval/circular shape, filled with ice cream. Then while we were walking back to the METRO, we had to photobomb the Los Angeles Times building....after all we are both aspiring journalists and writers. After a long day in L.A. we headed back to our apartments.

Sincerely Fay,


Mar 4, 2014

Hey Luvs,

So you guys, I have almost made a week of non- stop back breaking exercising. It has, in no way, been easy but I have managed to push myself. It also helps to have someone who can workout with you. So, in three more weeks and I will upload a picture of my results, or I may just post a video.

What did I do today? I almost gave in to the lazy monster and did not workout, but thankfully dedication prevailed! Today was not as intense as the other day's, I wanted to give myself a break. So I only worked out for 30 minutes.

STRETCH: 6-10 min

Bicycles          5 min
Scissors           5 min
Leg raises       5 min

10 min workout routine

Today's exercise was short, but I did sweat!!!  Thanks for keeping up with me! If you have any questions or suggestions, leave me comments!

                Till Next Time- Sincerely Fay,


Hey Luvs!!
I'm excited, this is day two! Usually after a week, I fall out of habit! But since I'm putting myself out there, I have to make my goal of a whole month of exercising. I am trying to build a habit, I'm not good at that.


Mar 3, 2014

Hello Luvs,
So, as promised I am going to share with you my journey to a fitter and better blogging me! Here we go! My goal is to tone up and slightly curve my eating habits! Baby Steps!!!! Day 1 & Day 2 was spent at the gym.

Where have you been?????

Hey Luvs,

I know it's been a while since I posted anything on my blog! And I know I'm being judged, "what happened to dedication, what happened to commitment, YIKES!" I am very sorry everyone. I didn't expect this year to become what it has and I'm working on some things. I've been M.I.A because I have been busy with school and work! But do not fret, I will force myself to make time for my blog, because I really need to!

Alrighty, let's jump into what I've come to discuss! I am moving lovely people!!!! No more dorms for me, hopefully! I am in the midst of searching for an apartment near my University. Hopefully, all goes well! Also, I am dedicated to getting my body right, so I can post pictures of me in lovely, kick ass outfits and junk!!!

I will be recording my progress, with both things on here! So that way I can get ack into the habit of blogging and you all can stay updated and hopefully we can inspire each other. Okay, I will be seeing you all soon!

Super Excited! Sincerely Fay,

The Body Shop Product Review

Jan 27, 2014

Hey Luvs! Today is the day I review some products I have been using recently. Enjoy!

This is the year of....

Jan 5, 2014

Hello Luvs,

            The first week of the year have officially passed by, and it's a memorable thing. I didn't want to do a "Re-cap of 2013" post, and I'm not, but I do need to reflect.
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