Music Corner

Mar 25, 2014

Hello Luvs,

So if you all don't know I live in Los Angeles and I'm all about reppin that! Seriously, so about nine months ago a friend of mine sent me an amazing song, I love indie bands and she told me to give it a listen. Boy, can I say I immediately loved it. However, it was not until a few weeks after that I decided to look up the actual band and dig around a bit, to get a feel of their music. I now present to you Los Angeles based - Sir Sly.

Running Around L.A.

Mar 18, 2014

Hey Luvs,

      So this past weekend I decided to show my friend around L.A., not all of it of course that would take days. Anyway, it was not until I was acting as a tour guide that I figured out that I don't know that much about L.A. and I've lived here all my life! The second revelation was that L.A. is very beautiful and has a unique charm that stands out among other cities. As my friend is new to L.A., the best way to travel and show her what it had to offer was of course by using the METRO.

First off was to the METRO redline North Hollywood Station took it all the way to perishing square station where we got off and landed in the middle of downtown L.A.

The next stop was the Last Bookstore, off we went into the most brilliant and decked out bookstore on the west coast. I've never been in a bookstore, like this one, and I guarantee you-many of you haven't either. This is one of L.A.'s gems. My friend was blown away when she walked inside. And I have to admit, I've been here many times before and I'm still always amazed at the maze of craziness, literally the second floor is a maze. Whoever designed this place must have been a close relative of whoever designed Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland set.

We then scoured the streets for a place to eat, but instead of eating we walked right into Little Tokyo, because we were nearby. This area is very cute, and it is a cross of American and Japanese culture. We settled on eating at Sushi & Teri's restaurant.

Afterwards, we grabbed some of our favorite flavors of mochi, a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the common oval/circular shape, filled with ice cream. Then while we were walking back to the METRO, we had to photobomb the Los Angeles Times building....after all we are both aspiring journalists and writers. After a long day in L.A. we headed back to our apartments.

Sincerely Fay,


Mar 4, 2014

Hey Luvs,

So you guys, I have almost made a week of non- stop back breaking exercising. It has, in no way, been easy but I have managed to push myself. It also helps to have someone who can workout with you. So, in three more weeks and I will upload a picture of my results, or I may just post a video.

What did I do today? I almost gave in to the lazy monster and did not workout, but thankfully dedication prevailed! Today was not as intense as the other day's, I wanted to give myself a break. So I only worked out for 30 minutes.

STRETCH: 6-10 min

Bicycles          5 min
Scissors           5 min
Leg raises       5 min

10 min workout routine

Today's exercise was short, but I did sweat!!!  Thanks for keeping up with me! If you have any questions or suggestions, leave me comments!

                Till Next Time- Sincerely Fay,


Hey Luvs!!
I'm excited, this is day two! Usually after a week, I fall out of habit! But since I'm putting myself out there, I have to make my goal of a whole month of exercising. I am trying to build a habit, I'm not good at that.


Mar 3, 2014

Hello Luvs,
So, as promised I am going to share with you my journey to a fitter and better blogging me! Here we go! My goal is to tone up and slightly curve my eating habits! Baby Steps!!!! Day 1 & Day 2 was spent at the gym.

Where have you been?????

Hey Luvs,

I know it's been a while since I posted anything on my blog! And I know I'm being judged, "what happened to dedication, what happened to commitment, YIKES!" I am very sorry everyone. I didn't expect this year to become what it has and I'm working on some things. I've been M.I.A because I have been busy with school and work! But do not fret, I will force myself to make time for my blog, because I really need to!

Alrighty, let's jump into what I've come to discuss! I am moving lovely people!!!! No more dorms for me, hopefully! I am in the midst of searching for an apartment near my University. Hopefully, all goes well! Also, I am dedicated to getting my body right, so I can post pictures of me in lovely, kick ass outfits and junk!!!

I will be recording my progress, with both things on here! So that way I can get ack into the habit of blogging and you all can stay updated and hopefully we can inspire each other. Okay, I will be seeing you all soon!

Super Excited! Sincerely Fay,
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