Mar 3, 2014

Hello Luvs,
So, as promised I am going to share with you my journey to a fitter and better blogging me! Here we go! My goal is to tone up and slightly curve my eating habits! Baby Steps!!!! Day 1 & Day 2 was spent at the gym.

Day 3- yesterday

At night before I went to bed, I did some moderate-heavy exercising. I wore some old black leggings, a loose T- shirt and of course a really crazy ponytail, I wanted to be comfortable and able to move about freely. Water bottle was nearby. Feel free to use this routine, though I will change it up from time to time.

STRETCH: 6- 10 minutes
All four squad stretch              5 min
Leg Raises                                 10-15 min

                            1 min break
Bicycles                                     5 min
Crunches                                  10 min

                         1 min break
Russian Twist                            1 set of 5
Burpees                 1 set of 10 

                          break to set up
Bollywood/Zumba dancing exercises       15 min   (optional)

                           1 min break
Squats                                             3 sets of 10

 I Hope This Helps Someone and if anyone have any tips on some exercises I should add, leave a comment below! 
Till next time- Sincerely Fay,
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