Mar 4, 2014

Hey Luvs!!
I'm excited, this is day two! Usually after a week, I fall out of habit! But since I'm putting myself out there, I have to make my goal of a whole month of exercising. I am trying to build a habit, I'm not good at that.

So once again, wear something comfortable and loose fitting (exception yoga pants)!!! Have water near you, I have chia seeds in my water bottle!

Day 4

STRETCH:  10 min

Cardio Workout 35 min

STRETCH:  5- 10 min

I am really sweaty and really need to take a shower right now, but I wanted to post this up! I feel good, tired, and energized right now!!! For all those amazing people who have started to work out, I give you my support and we can do this together!!!!

                                         Till Next Time- Sincerely Fay,
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