Mar 4, 2014

Hey Luvs,

So you guys, I have almost made a week of non- stop back breaking exercising. It has, in no way, been easy but I have managed to push myself. It also helps to have someone who can workout with you. So, in three more weeks and I will upload a picture of my results, or I may just post a video.

What did I do today? I almost gave in to the lazy monster and did not workout, but thankfully dedication prevailed! Today was not as intense as the other day's, I wanted to give myself a break. So I only worked out for 30 minutes.

STRETCH: 6-10 min

Bicycles          5 min
Scissors           5 min
Leg raises       5 min

10 min workout routine

Today's exercise was short, but I did sweat!!!  Thanks for keeping up with me! If you have any questions or suggestions, leave me comments!

                Till Next Time- Sincerely Fay,
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