Apr 8, 2014

Hey Luvs,

           Okay so just a quick update, I have not stopped exercising. I just haven't posted up what I've been doing because I've been doing the same thing, just switching it up. Lately, I have been dancing a lot instead of doing actual situp's and lunges, etc. Okay, so my friends and I have been chilling a lot lately and I must say that I have a new eatery to add to my list!

Crave Cafe

"if you don't know about it, get hip..."

The mango smoothie, was orgasmic to my taste buds. The sandwiches were amazingly made, do come hungry.

 The atmosphere and ambiance was very chill and relaxing. Good vibes!

 Definitely, a good place to chill out by yourself, wi-fi available. Or come with your friends, it's 24 hours so, if your hungry and willing to drive go for it!!!!!

Sincerely Fay,

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