A little thing called life...

Jun 3, 2014

 Hey Luvs,
I found this image on tumblr and the relevance it has in my life right now is almost unnerving.
Self- love. I am starting to find myself facing this issue more often.
Looking in the mirror and not finding the beauty in the person starring back at me, I have faced this more often than I would like to admit. We all struggle with this inner battle.
I have found that it easier to fight this feeling when I am surrounded by people (friends, family, and even strangers) who remind me that my flaws make me unique and beautiful.
I want to remind you all that no one will love you unless you love yourself first.

So lately, there have been many women empowerment initiatives, and I've been just soaking up all the positive vibes being spread out into the world. Now if only we can make these into bigger movements not only for women, but for everyone.
#GirlsCan make a difference... #PeopleCan change the world

Sincerely Fay,

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