Inhaling the Calm: Fall in So-Cal

Nov 18, 2014

Hello Luvs,

I've been on hiatus, due to some personal reasons, of course. It seems like I take these long breaks before coming back to my home (my blog) to get a peace of mind. 

Whelp! I am back for now. As you all may have noticed, I have changed the layout of blog, hope you like it. 

I have sat at my desk about three or four times a week over the course of the last two months trying to push out a post. Yes, this is part rant!

Fall has officially landed in So Cal, and I have to say it's about time.  I am typing this as I am in my lit- theory class and as a way to kill time I am blogging.

I find myself trying to do more lately, and while I am not knocking those who strive to do more (I am still one who likes to do everything that I can), it has negatively impacted my life. In short, I have put too much on my plate, as my parents would tell me. 

I am juggling college, work, personal issues and trying to find opportunities to pursue what I would love to do in life. It has caused me to have many break downs, slumps, and days where I question if I am still on the right path.

I think the misfortune of my generation (18-21 year olds) is being pressured to figure out what we want to do in life and being told whether it's worth it or not. 

For all of the ones who are wondering if you are on the right path in life, just exhale and remember these key things:

1. stop comparing your success to others
2. strive to make everyday a different day
3. do what you love to do

Now, inhale the calm.

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