gift guide / music favs & blogmas week 1-3

Dec 23, 2014

Hello Luvs,

Welp, this December has been eventful. So this post will be relatively 'meaty', but bear in mind that... what you will get out of this post is dash of inspiration, a pinch of laughter, with an extra dose of chill talk.  

Now that the Intro is done shall we begin.

Music! I live on Spotify and Soundcloud you guys! I wouldn't consider myself the connoisseur of; hip, underground, alternative, feel good, vibing music, but..... consider me an agent of some sort. I feel like music is one of the only thing that gets me through my long days. As it is the holidays I want to make some suggestions to some playlists I've been into recently, check it out:

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So I am not doing the countdown till Christmas, vlogmas sort of thing. Instead, I will give you a brief recap of the things that have happened over the past three weeks. So, So-Cal have been experiencing an "Indian Summer", summer type of weather in fall/winter sort of season, it seems like the weather has its own mood swings down here. The last two weeks, however, has put us through so much, like y'all don't understand.

I have experienced more rain, crazy wind, and bone chilling cold in these last two weeks, than in an entire year. As I am typing the sun is blazing through my window pane. I'm getting whiplash by all these crazy changes and it makes figuring out outfits (which is already hard), a headache.

Now that I am living in my own apartment I have to deal with the hassle of holiday decorating. So here is what my Sis's and I did to make our place festive and inviting without spending a ton of money. We brought everything (except for the tree) from a DollarTree & 99cent Store.

I am still doing last minute shopping! But some great stocking stuffers are candy, little messages, and stuffed animals. If you have the time and or patience, making gift baskets/ bags are also a good way to present someone's gifts. I hope everyone has an amazing Xmas and New Years!

Look out for my New Years post, that will be pretty crazy! Till Next time!

Sincerely Fay,

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