3 Ways To Style a Leather Skirt

Dec 24, 2015

Hey luvs,
Today's post is visual more then texty, lol. Anyways, lately I've been really into midi skirts, particularly leather skirts and I decided that I would show you guys how I style mine and hopefully for those of you who need this, may I serve a guide of sorts. So grabs a pen ladies and begin taking notes!
Styling Leather Skirts

Styling Leather Skirts by lexusfay featuring a black leather satchel

I love neutral colors so the first look incorporates a lot of it!
If you're in a colder climate, this look would definitley keep you looking amazing while keeping you warm.
When choosing your textures, it's best to go with a thick knit sweater to pair with your skirt.


This second look is best suited for those fall days, not too cold not too warm. I paired a flannel with this skirt to play with pattern. I chose to pair boots with this look as well so that you can dress this look up and not be too casual, besides fall tends to bring out the best in our closets.
 Styling Leather Skirts 02 

The last look is meant for those casual days that you want to feel more relaxed in. That is why I chose to pair the skirt with sneakers and a light jean shirt, again it's great to play with material and textures. Styling Leather Skirts 03

School Girl Blues

Dec 6, 2015

Hi Luvs,
For most of us the school year is coming to a close and we are gearing up for finals. If you're like me and you work and go to school, you're probably on the verge of locking yourself away and eating really badly in order to stay awake to study/deal with your finals.
But, all is well because soon you'll get a break and get to relax a bit.
Anyways, I wanted to document an outfit that perfectly fits my state of mind at this point in the semester, which is:
I may be cracking under pressure, but at least I'll be cute while doing it!


Nov 23, 2015

Hi luvs,
So this past weekend was my birthday and I thought I'd share my moments with you.
I've learned a lot in my 21 years, and my journey is still underway. So I'll tell you what exactly I have learned as a young lady and entering womanhood.

Sincerely Fay Features: Hersoul

Nov 15, 2015

Hey luvs,

Today I'm featuring a Southern Cali native rapper otherwise known throughout her social media as HerSoul.
Lately, she's been hitting the scene bringing us those bay area vibes.
I would describe her as a "Independent Artist with a Fresh & Unique Sound."

Cafe Truths >>> Tierra Mia Coffee

Oct 27, 2015

 In all truth, this jem was found during an attempt to find a cafe that wasn't too far away so that me and my babe Mariana could chill.
And boy did we come up!

Walking in this place immediatley gave me a "at home" vibe. 
Sometimes I think there are cafe's that really make you feel welcomed and not so artificial.
Tierra Mia wasn't consumed with the "hipster, way too invested design," and wasn't trying to shove a particular aesthetic at me.

It was a very simple, modern atmosphere steeped in central american culture.
Literally, on the walls you could see frames filled with pictures of how they make their ingredients and the story behind it and it's amazing.

Not only was the place pretty funky, but it was hands down some of the best pastries I've tasted in all my gentrified cafe neighborhood visits, only minus the gentrified neighborhood.
Very community oriented!
Very soft, buttery pastries!
  I had to come back on multiple occasions and different locations.

Majority of the time I don't care about aesthetics and I search for places that invite me in and give off great vibes. I find myself in a lot of amazing places that creates a space for me to write and talk without feeling uncomfortable.

"And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss."
- J. K. Rowling

 Sincerely Fay,

Sweater Weather Tag

Oct 22, 2015

Hey Luvs, 
Its that time of year as fall/winter rolls in and as a blogger my favorite posts to read during this time is TAG posts. They are so fun to do and allows everyone to take part in it! Here is a fun “ fall tag” which includes 15 questions to get to know me and to spice things up.  

October in Neutrals

Oct 15, 2015

Hey luvs!
In Cali, the heat just keeps on rolling through, however many of you are finally starting to see signs of fall and well, I am just going to pretend it's in the low 70's for now.
This look was inspired by my lack of wanting to put together a outfit and my drive to still look amazing, lol.
It's comfortable, chic, and the perfect look to transition into fall with.


"You're going to go through tough times - that's life. But I say, 'Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.' See the positive in negative events."

- Joel Osteen

-Sincerely Fay,


Oct 5, 2015

Hey Luvs,
We are already in the first week of October and in Cali it's finally starting to feel like fall, well at least the nights are colder. But no matter, as we amp up for fall, and it is time to put our sundresses, shorts and things we loved in the summer away. And before I do, I would like to share my September favorites, when the weather was still hitting the high 90s.

September was definitely one of those odd months of the year for me, so many new changes and transitions occurred. So bear with my non-too conventional favorites post!

ColourPop Cosmetics: Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Fall Shades

Sep 17, 2015

Hey Luvs,
It's review time and I have a lot to say about the products I'm reviewing today. So for those of you who don't know about ColourPop, sit tight and for those of you who do feel free to comment on your favorite colors! 
First thing first, I will get some general questions out the way!


Aug 31, 2015

Hey luvs,
I am back, now that I have gotten over the initial hump that preparing to go back to school presents, I can now get back to posting things consistently. For those of you who are new to my blog I would like to point out that yes I am a college student and I live in Southern California.

I have decided to begin to take YouTube a bit more serious because I really enjoy the process of making a video and sharing with you all.
So please check out my videos and let me know what you think,
and what should be improved upon and subscribe to my channel.

Thanks for supporting me,
Sincerely Fay


Aug 29, 2015

Hey luvs,
I had a chance to spend the evening with my gal pals before we headed back to school, of course as plant momma's, we had to do some plant shopping while we were out and grab a quick bite to eat of course.

5 Back to School Room Decor DIY's

Aug 18, 2015

Hello Luvs,
Sadly, summer is on its way out. But, lets be honest, the fall season is what we've been waiting for. So many changes comes with the fall and a major one is going back to school.
And while, many of us don't look forward to sitting in class again, we all look forward to seeing our friends again.

For some of you, that includes dorming on campus!
I'm going to be real for a minute, what better way to say who you are than a room that represents you and your aesthetic.
Here are some DIY ideas that can add that extra special touch to your space.

Mason Jars

Indoor Gardening: Herb Gardens
source: momtastic

August '15 Goals

Aug 11, 2015


I have some exciting new! I am apart of creating a online magazine/zine that if all goes right, will be launched in September. I will keep you all updated as we move through the process.
Plus, I want to let you know that soon I will be looking for talented creatives to submit their work to our publication.
- Sincerely Fay,

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