Dairy of the Struggling College Student #1

Jun 11, 2015

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Hey Luvs,
I feel like I don't really talk much to you all anymore, I am not as personal as I started off. Whelp! I am here to fix that! How many of you are struggling college students?

As much as I love blogging and consider it to take up a big part of my life, it's not all I do. Moreover, it isn't my job, it's a hobby that I am very passionate and serious about. That being stated, as a college student I belong to this category; the #TooBrokeToLavishlyLiveYetAlwaysSpending$$$OnSomethingSquad.

Typical phrases include, but is not limited to:
"I really want these $200 leather shoes, I need them. I'll add the to my wishlist."
"My cart has like $800 worth of stuff, pshhh. I am an expensive person."
"Can I just get a side of fries?"
"Do you have half servings and if so, how much is it?"
*When at a cafe and broke.* "No, I'm not hungry. I will take the latte, the small latte."
"Why am I not rich???"
"Why is life so expensive?"
"Why is living so expensive??"

And the list could go on, but that's a list for another day. So, as of now I need to find an income to support my bad habits and my bills. Currently, I am job searching. I am looking into E-commerce and retail, since I have a bit of experience in both.

I have had a ton of interviews, but I am aiming for two of the places I want to work for. 
Fingers crossed and prayers up!

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I think today's generation of college kids, have so much on our plates that they are overflowing and spilling over the edges.

A lot of us today are not working because it's something to make money on the side for things we want. A lot of us (including myself) are working because we have no choice, bills to pay, a high tuition cost, a family to support, and because we have to survive.

I don't take graduating lightly and applaud everyone who is pursuing their degree, because I share some of the struggles and I know how much it means.
I am interested in doing a Struggling College Student Series ft. all of you! Let me know if you're interested in participating.

We can do this, never stop striving for your goals!

-Sincerely Fay,

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