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Jun 17, 2015

Hey luvs,
 Being a Los Angeles native is different for everyone. LA is much bigger than what it is and encompasses so many different cultures and customs it is hard to narrow it down. But for every single person living in this haven on the west coast it holds its own significance. To describe it in my own three words, LA is:
I haven't shared with you some spots I've been treading around in a while, so to make up for that here I go.


 Imagine an elementary cafeteria, 
but with a bar, high ceilings, and an chill ambiance.
Amazing service, a unique place for a afternoon study session or lunch out with friends.

Arroyo General


This little gem located in Highland Park, was stumbled upon after lunch ended with my 'witches of the west' (you know who you are).
Think pinterest board and etsy store collaboration.
Beautiful energy and goods for holistic living.

Republic of Pie

 I would say hipster cafe lounge vibes.
Earthy tones and ambiance. 
Plus, who doesn't love live music and open mic nights.

Source: Republic of Pie

I've always found a cure for the blues is wandering into something unknown, and resting there, before coming back to whatever weight you were carrying.
- Diane Sawyer

-Sincerely Fay,

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