Being Unapologetically Me | S/O To Girls Trying To Find Themselves

Jul 30, 2015
Hey Luvs,
Today is going to be a bit different. 
I've never been sure what exactly I wanted to do with this platform and the ideas are always growing and evolving, but over this past week, something clicked (hence my absence from social media)! And after reading a few pick me up articles, here and there, nothing really fell into place until I discovered Sanam article. Putting everything into perspective, I have decided to be me un-apologetically!

The world isn't going to cater to my needs and neither is society.
I need to stop trying to blend in and be like other women,
stop trying to compare my life to there's.

There's a lot of sides to a person and here is my own.
As a blogger I've tried to follow the mode of successful bloggers:
the layout of my blog - (minimalist structure is killing the creativity in blogs),
the content specific formula,
the editing and more.
 Well besides the fact of me not having the resources nor the money,
I'm done with it and I'm going to shit my own way.
So I'm penning this open letter:
S/O To Girls Trying To Find Themselves

Talking Guys
Talking Success
Talking Beauty- what is it
Talking P.O.C
Caption this challenge accepted! If you re blog this add a caption.

We have to make a way for our own selves, we have to fight against blending in and assimilating into a culture, a fad, a concept of what it means to be our own woman.
So go out there and make it yours and not the other way around!
I hope this inspires some of you to go after your dreams harder in order to make them a reality.
My TUMBLR is where I am the most realest, tbh. 
It's kind of like the mask comes off and any and everything goes.
So if you need someone to talk to at random times of the day/night or twilight hours, most likely you can find me on there.
Alright Y'all, I'm ending this here.

-Sincerely Fay

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