Jul 18, 2015

Hey Luvs,

Am I anti-white?

Okay now that I've gotten that out of the way. I want to get a bit serious for a moment. Today is Saturday, so you know what that means...yep let's talk.
Today's topic is to address an issue that had occurred over tumblr with an "anon" (anonymous user), they sent me a message in my inbox and this is what it said:

 Let me start off by saying that my tumblr is, for a lack of better words, an extension of myself. Tumblr is the place I go to share my views and opinions, things I like and dislike and all the weirdness that comes with being myself.

The issue I had with this anon, is an issue I'm starting to see more and more in social media.
The accusation of being a racist, simply for loving and expressing your culture.
To be more detailed about this, specifically minorities face a lot of backlash for topics on race  (usually ignored and undermined by those with privilege, mainly but not exclusive to white males) being pushed out unto social platforms.

 I have seen P.O.C. being called racist by our Caucasian counterparts just for celebrating and loving our own culture and talking about the privileges denied and withheld from us.
For some reason, this makes a lot of people uncomfortable and they begin to feel attacked so they resort to the nonsense of "reverse racism".

"You are racist to white people."
How is educating and enlightnening you on issues that are in place because of a system built on your privileges being racist?

And just as a friendly reminder: 
I have learned the following:

Racism is a social construct, a systemic form of oppression that unless you are the target of, you are complicit in and guilty of perpetuating and condoning. A system majority of P.O.C. don't benefit from.

Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience, the way someone treats you. Often confused with Racism, this is what most people consider as racism.

Privilege is what allows someone to not have to know the difference between racism and prejudice. Privilege allows them to dismiss a P.O.C’s experiences, or try and impose their own as relative.

All of this was made and serves to protect (mainly but not exclusively) white culture.

- Sincerely Fay,
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