Sincerely Fay Features: Sayso

Jul 20, 2015

Hey Luvs,
Today I'm featuring Long Beach native Nayla Savannah, up and coming rapper and poet, otherwise known as Sayso.

Describe what you do. 

I am a rapper/poet. I've released my first mixtape earlier this year. I'm preparing to release a single on a larger platform. I'm also diving into producing beats. I'm a photographer. I've been focusing on street photography due to my lack of models; and I am an actress in the making.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have?

 I would have my camera with infinite memory, nikes that support my ankles,and a surcharged keyboard.

What is one weird/unique thing about yourself that you are willing to share?

 I am obsessed with tumblr. I get lost on there too often.
And I have not studied for any of my college classes ip this year and I have a gpa higher than 3.2

How would your friends describe you? (In 3 words)

 Caring, loud, funny

What is your philosophy towards your work? What inspires you?

 If it can be done do it, because anything can be done.

 Humans do make mistakes. Please share with us a time where you have made a mistake and how you dealt with it.

My first big show. Was a mistake. It was in October 2014 at club Los Globos, I had been given the opportunity to perform. All I had to do was bring a certain number of people and I could get on stage. But I brought a very few and went on stage dead last. My performance was okay, I needed to have been dressed better. And did something to my hair. It kinda put a damper on my confidence. I rushed it I should have waited to do the show. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

 I see myself with an impressive resume in all three of my fields. I see myself taking on complicated roles and doing a large and successful role on Broadway.

What is some advice you would give someone who is on their road to reaching their dreams?

 There is work to be done everyday. There is no vacation. There is always somebody working when you see not. You need to be just as hungry. Every time you stop and take a break somebody is taking your spot.

What does style mean to you?

 Style is a way to display emotions and thoughts. It also separates you from other people. It's a way to stand up. Be it with music or the way you dress.

What is one thing about yourself that has/have made you insecure? How are you dealing with it?

 I feel insecure when my family listens to my music. I've finally let them hear my whole mixtape. I'm getting over it and use to it. It's just different.

An experience where someone judged you for how you looked. Was it positive or negative, why?

 I can't think of one at the moment.

What would you tell a person who is only looking at your outside?

 That I'm more than I appear. I have a great poker face.

Follow Sayso on her platforms

 Blog/Tumblr @ Hpfmc.tumblr
 Instagram @ itsnotnayla
Facebook @ itsnotsayso
Souncloud @ itsnotsayso

  My review on new single 'Cruisin'

Here is my thoughts on Sayso new single 'Cruisin' and why you should keep your eyes out for this fresh new talent.
Cruisin starts off with a jolting beat and a sultry opening. Immediatley after we are introduced with Sayso deep felt lyrics and a chill person to person vibe, a trademark of west coast rappers.
What I really enjoyed about this song was how simple and relatable it is.
Its not overflowing with crazy beat drops that usually take my attention away from lyrics, I was able to understand exactly what was being said.
This is not your average banger, no this is a song you throw on when you want to drive and just listen to good music, this is a song you want to chill with.
Check it out and let me know what you think.

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- Sincerely Fay,

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