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Jul 1, 2015

Apolis: Common Gallery

Hello luvs,

Today I'm sharing a spot that I popped into with my girly as we were headed to Poketo. This space called out to me, why??? Well because it was mainly a man's clothing store, but the pieces were so genderless and wonderful that I fell in love with a couple of items.

The presentation was enough to lure us in and the clothing sold me.  I definitely will be heading back as soon as I make another trip downtown.
Here are some pictures I was able to take.

Oh and they serve refreshments, insane right! The boutique associate was so kind and engaging I almost wanted to take her with me.

"Manhood is a game played on the terrain of opposites. It thus follows that male sense of self disintegrates when the Other is absent." 

-  Antonella Gambotto-Burke
- Sincerely Fay

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