Nov 23, 2015

Hi luvs,
So this past weekend was my birthday and I thought I'd share my moments with you.
I've learned a lot in my 21 years, and my journey is still underway. So I'll tell you what exactly I have learned as a young lady and entering womanhood.

I have learned to accept my flaws and work on myself in order to be the me I want in the future.

Forgive others who have wronged me and be more selective of who I let into my life.

Take that leap into the unknown, don't let fear become an obstacle.

Real friends are flawed and will never be "that picture perfect person". Love them despite their downfalls and love them for all their good. Cry together, laugh together, argue, and get over it!

Keep dreaming and striving to reach my goals. What I hope to do in the next year is to set out to complete all my goals - big and small. I want to challenge myself and bring you along with me. Next, year will be my golden year. Okay luvs, that's it for now.

- Sincerely Fay,

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