3 Ways To Style a Leather Skirt

Dec 24, 2015

Hey luvs,
Today's post is visual more then texty, lol. Anyways, lately I've been really into midi skirts, particularly leather skirts and I decided that I would show you guys how I style mine and hopefully for those of you who need this, may I serve a guide of sorts. So grabs a pen ladies and begin taking notes!
Styling Leather Skirts

Styling Leather Skirts by lexusfay featuring a black leather satchel

I love neutral colors so the first look incorporates a lot of it!
If you're in a colder climate, this look would definitley keep you looking amazing while keeping you warm.
When choosing your textures, it's best to go with a thick knit sweater to pair with your skirt.


This second look is best suited for those fall days, not too cold not too warm. I paired a flannel with this skirt to play with pattern. I chose to pair boots with this look as well so that you can dress this look up and not be too casual, besides fall tends to bring out the best in our closets.
 Styling Leather Skirts 02 

The last look is meant for those casual days that you want to feel more relaxed in. That is why I chose to pair the skirt with sneakers and a light jean shirt, again it's great to play with material and textures. Styling Leather Skirts 03

School Girl Blues

Dec 6, 2015

Hi Luvs,
For most of us the school year is coming to a close and we are gearing up for finals. If you're like me and you work and go to school, you're probably on the verge of locking yourself away and eating really badly in order to stay awake to study/deal with your finals.
But, all is well because soon you'll get a break and get to relax a bit.
Anyways, I wanted to document an outfit that perfectly fits my state of mind at this point in the semester, which is:
I may be cracking under pressure, but at least I'll be cute while doing it!

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