School Girl Blues

Dec 6, 2015

Hi Luvs,
For most of us the school year is coming to a close and we are gearing up for finals. If you're like me and you work and go to school, you're probably on the verge of locking yourself away and eating really badly in order to stay awake to study/deal with your finals.
But, all is well because soon you'll get a break and get to relax a bit.
Anyways, I wanted to document an outfit that perfectly fits my state of mind at this point in the semester, which is:
I may be cracking under pressure, but at least I'll be cute while doing it!

Honestly, simply doing your makeup or dressing up, will do your mind and body some good. It uplifts your spirit and energy.
For me, it gives me the confidence to think that even in really crazy times I can still feel good about myself.
So, to all my luvs out there, do something (no matter how small) to create some breathing room, allow yourself a space in which you can have a peace of mind.

I'm sending out good juju and vibes to everyone!

- Sincerely Fay,
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