Last Minute Christmas Guide: 10 best gifts under $20

Dec 23, 2016

Image by Teak & Twine
Christmas is less than a few days away and you still haven't found a gift for someone on your list, maybe you went over your gift budget, or maybe you just need to do some last minute shopping. Don't fret! I got you covered with this guide of best gifts under $20. 

What I found to be extremely helpful was to create a small gift boxes or you can just buy individual things to gift someone!

1. candles

2. tea 

3. perfume

Image by BOXFOX

4. wine 

5. body wash set

6. lipstick

7. a mug

Image by Teak & Twine

8. watch

9. gloves

10. blanket

I hope this 10 best gifts under $20 guide helped you cross off that last minute present or stocking stuffer! Let me know what you would have included in this list!

- Sincerely Fay,

Tricky Hair Eyelash First Impression + Tips on Creating the Perfect October Makeup Look

Oct 31, 2016

 Hi Luvs!
It's been a minute but lets get into this. Recently, I was blessed enough to receive a pair of lashes to try from Tricky Hair Extensions! I'm actually really excited to try these out soon!

How I Store My Beauty Products || DIY Makeup Storage Tips

Oct 14, 2016

Hey Luvs, have you ever got to the point where you just have your makeup in a bin, a drawer or other unorganized places, leaving a mess. Well me too! So I made this post to show a few ideas on how to glam up and/or create a space for your ever growing makeup collection.

TONAL : Part I. Green

Oct 5, 2016

Hey Luvs! Recently I shot a very simple yet sporty look with Mar (amazing babe apart of the W .W .E coven) .  I'm getting hella 90s vibes! I was going to do a more high fashion look with these (I still will - look coming soon), but I decided to do a more street styling with these culottes. I'm so happy with the shots we managed to get.

Quick Insert : We drove to LA to shoot but traffic had us stuck. By the time we managed to shoot we had literally 15 minutes before the sun went down. So, we can officially call these dusk shots and I'm actually really happy how these came out!

Ensemble ~
Bottoms - Uniqlo
Choker - forever21

 "True fashion pieces will be accessible for all. High price tags is a form of elitism."

- Sincerely Fay,


Sep 28, 2016

Hi Luvs! Coffee and Food! Two things that go hand in hand, two things that bloggers love! This is a short post, literally just had some awesome photos that I couldn't just waste.

NEUTRAL ROOFTOP TINGS || A Casual Summer Brunch Look

  Hi Luvs, in this ensemble post I was brunching it up with my girl KP, as seen in my last post here! Anyways, September in LA is still apart of the summer so it was hot!
I opted for a long neutral dress.

 Dress ~ F21

 Shoes ~ Nike

Body Chain ~ local beauty supply store

The back of this dress is what really stood out while the front kept really simple.
I love dresses with these kind of details the most because I can dress it up or down.
If you're going for a very easy chic brunch look definitely go for a simple dress with a clean silhouette, the key to rocking this look would be to accessorize it. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, till next time.

"I didn't use to believe that details matter. You always should present the most authentic you possible and the details do matter! I'm still learning this."


- Sincerely Fay,

School Day Haze

Sep 16, 2016

Hey Luvs,  
It's been a minute since I have done a Ensemble post. But as I am balancing work, school, and side projects - I'm hella tired. But I enjoy showcasing my looks in order to 1) hopefully inspire others and 2) document how my style evolves over time. So today's look is pretty simple, effortless and for the gal on the go!

~ Ensemble ~
Top - A Online Thrift Boutique
Bottoms - Uniqlo (wide pants)
Shoes - Nike
Layering Piece - Forever21

How I pieced together this outfit, really like most of my outfits, is thinking of a color palette.
Palette: Grey, Black, White 

Next, I like contrast so I love to play with the shape/ texture of  pieces.
Texture: drape, sheer, & leather

I always strive to incorporate structure, comfort, and color for all looks.

I hope you all enjoyed this Ensemble! How do you piece together your looks? Leave your blogs url below and/or use the #howistyle on Instagram so I can check out your looks luvs!

"There is no such thing as just clothes. I wear my opinions, I lace up my identity, I wrap myself in culture. Pieces of my individuality hang in my closet."

- Sincerely Fay,

Babes That Brunch || The Commissary

Sep 14, 2016

 Hello Luvs,
I thought about dropping in and updating yall on where I've been as of late.
If you're new to this space get a cup of tea or some lemonade to sip on and if you been on my blog before, well you know the deal, lol.

My Updated Skin Care Routine/ Guide

Aug 10, 2016

 Hi Luvs,
Recently I've been scouring the internet to try to find a way to update my skin care routine. And of course who else do the world look to when it comes to skin care, Asia of course! Have you ever heard of a 10 step beauty routine? Neither have I but when I researched it, I could not believe the steps Asian women do every night and sometimes even morning too. But hey if my skin could glow and look that good everyday I wouldn't mind. 

LOOKBOOK ENSEMBLE || How I Style Culottes

Jul 21, 2016

Tell me what you think about my video & subscribe to my channel!!


Just Get In Your Car and Take A Trip

Jul 15, 2016

Hey Luvs,
I'm back! This post stems from a dialogue I've been constantly having with co-workers and friends. Lately, I've been urging to just get up and travel somewhere new. So some advice for those feeling stuck: 
Just take a spontaneous road-trip with a few people and enjoy a change of scenery. 

I was thinking that since I live in LA, a very fast paced city, I would go somewhere more chill. Having an adventure in the Bay Area would be nice! It's still has the vibrant energy of the city but the kind of slow -paced cool that isn't like hectic LA. 

Google Images


Jun 20, 2016

The top I am wearing is leather but has extremely delicate straps and V cuts in the font and back, what is great about this piece is its silhouette - it drapes over the body and maintains it shape rather than cling tightly to your form.

The pants I am wearing has velvet like fabric is thin and soft, so I am definitely getting air flow and because of the wide leg it's very "summery", if that's even a word!

Hi Luvs,
Socal weather has been extra funky recently, as I am typing this its like 100 degrees outside despite it being gray a few days ago!
Well summer is officially here and that means delicate straps and breathable flowy clothing is a must, especially if you live in a place like California.
But if you're like me and is a bit of a tomboy, I pieced together an outfit that is still feminine but practical and edgy. Plus you can be stylish and beat the summer heat.

Ensemble ~

Top : Zara (leather cut & sewn top)
Bottom: American Apparel (high waist wide leg pants)

Lately I've been feeling like I am accomplishing more and I am forcing myself into spaces I used to think I couldn't belong to. They key is to stop thinking you can't achieve something just because of your circumstances and think:

 "I can do this precisely because my circumstances bring something new to this space, I bring another perspective and I'll own my strengths and refine my weaknesses."

- Sincerely Fay,

Alexus Fay Poetry | The Foundation Has Been Laid

Jun 4, 2016

Hey Luvs,

 I have been absent (again for the millionth time) because I have been working on something major! I, along with my sistah's, have started creating a platform exclusively for people of color in creative spaces, super excited to begin taking the steps to live out my dreams while helping others in the process. I can't really reveal much about it since its still in Phase 1, but all I can say is stay tuned!

Another Ensemble

May 14, 2016

Hey Luvs, due to finals I took a break from blogging and my YouTube channel (the struggle is real). Although I'm not completely done with finals I've missed blogging things so I decided to come back and give you guys a gift. A new post!

For today's fit, I wanted to stick to the previous post concept of no-color, however I switched out the black pants I originally had for beige joggers to amp down the outfit.

Ensemble ~

Top: Thrifted
Bottoms: Uniqlo
Shoes: Charlotte Russe


To change the "dressiness" of the outfit pair with heels or sneakers,
Add a duster or a bomber.

-Sincerely Fay,
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