3 Tips To Achieve Your Goals This Year | LTS

Jan 16, 2016

Welcome back luvs! 
Okay so I am pretty excited by re-uping my blog's "LTS" aka "Let's Talk Saturday!"
So those of you who are newer to my blog and don't know what an LTS is, it's basically where I talk about a topic or give advice on something that I myself feel is important. 

So pause here and go scroll up and click on LTS in the menu to get a feel of what
those topics consist of. 
Now that you're back and ready for this LTS, let's get started.

Tip 1- Plan!

 Planning is essential. But you have to do it the right way!
To all my planners out there, my first tip is to don't plan out a whole year in advance.
Break your goals down into cycles;  30/ 60/ 90 day goals.

What you want to do is separate your goals into Long term and Short term.
This way you are planning smarter and seeing the results, rather than rushing and 
putting more on your plate than you can handle.

Tip 2- Do!

Now that the planning is done it is time to start implementing the steps to put all your planning to work.
 Start gathering the resources you'll need and setting up all the preparations.
So for example if you want to lose 10 pounds this month, exercising isn't the only factor in that equation. You'll want to buy the right groceries and get rid of all the junk food that won't aid in your journey.

Tip 3- Commit!

A lot of us start doing and then we stop. Or, we pick up where we left off in scattered phases.
I know this, because I personally struggle with it myself.
But the thing about having one foot in the door and the other out is that you ultimately push your goals back, and a lot of people just give up completely. 

A great and successful influencer once told me that it all comes down to a decision.
Making up your mind separates the achievers from the rest.
YOU have to decide whether or not your goal is important enough to commit yourself to.

These tips don't just apply to personal goals, but business goals too. Who knows maybe these few pieces of advice can help set the foundation and push you towards success!

- Sincerely Fay,

Church & State || Birthday Dinners

Jan 6, 2016

Welcome back luvs! 
At night I had the opportunity to dine at the industrial bistro Church & State for Khiamma's birthday! Now let me tell you a little backstory. Early last year, Khiamma and I was in these parts of LA very often and while on one of our mini adventures we came across this gem. We told each other we would definitely come back to visit and while I sadly forgot about this beauty, Khiamma booked reservations for her birthday. All to say, I am glad I was able to dine here despite all the blocks I faced before going to her dinner.

 A very industrial setting, but extremely french in style and taste with a  diverse range of dishes. I ordered the classic and house renowned staple, "Steak Frites" with a bourbon drink on the side. Surprisingly complimented each other well and was very filling and good.

Picture does not do this plate justice!

 The server surprised us when bringing out the creme brulee, consisting of a caramelized vanilla custard, on a wooden platter with a candle.
Saying "Joyeux Anniversaire", which in french means happy birthday to you!

I will not lie to you guys this place is easily $40 a plate for dinner, and while they do have less affordable options, expect to spend around $80 (this include a drink and tip and tax) If given the chance and you're in the area, definitely grab lunch or dine here you will not regret it!

- Sincerely Fay,

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