Brick & Stones May Break...

Feb 23, 2016


Notes ~
Dress: Urban Outfitter
Jacket: Forever21
Shoe: Nike

Hey luvs!
 I have another ensemble post for you to keep you posted.
This look was very casual and street tbh.
I opted to take off the snapback I was rocking the whole day because it was 
hindering my hair and all its glory!
For me, a girl who don't really rock dresses, to be able to wear something,
be comfortable and look amazing is key.
I like to take clean cut basics and pair them with layers and amazing shoes.

Hint ~
If you have a neutral piece its best to layer it (coat, sweater, jacket, vest, shirt) and to pair it with something that contrasts (statement shoe, vibrant color, different cuts, jewelry, mixing textures etc.)
I am in no way a "fashion" expert but as far as style goes,
it's something everyone can attain and make their own 
or own the style.

Be comfortable in your own skin! That is the true unique design.
Rock with yourself  and the rest will come.

Sincerely Fay,

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