Financial Fitness for 2016

Feb 25, 2016

Hey Luvs,

So my blog isn't just about style and adventures its also a source of inspiration and advise. My previous post about my 3 steps to achieve your goals this year got a lot of amazing positive feedback and well I got a lot of people asking me about financial advise and just my luck that I was emailed and asked to do a post on helping bring awareness to financial stability for 2016. Today I bring to you my plan to be financial fit, this is in collaboration with Credit Card Insider.

Many of us own credit cards or debating on getting some and it is a very big step in our lives financially. But it is a very necessary step in order to build our credit, so I'll share my Financial Fitness Plan.

So in order to build my credit CCI suggests that you must already know where you stand so you can
move forward and create a plan specific to you. On their website it gives you knowledge and guides on how to establish credit based off where you are in life (student, new card owner, owner of multiple cards, etc.), very helpful information.

I am in no way a financial guru (the complete opposite), so I'll leave the big things to the real pro's. Remember to check out Credit Card Insider site in order to get knowledge and create your financial fitness plan for 2016! And when you create it let me know so that I may check it out. It is never too early or too late to get your life together financially!

I really enjoyed creating this post for you all because I know a lot of us, especially college students, like me, don't really think of how to organize, create, and know how our financial options will impact our life in the future. So I hope you guys feel inspired and go create your own financial fit plan for this year!

Sincerely Fay,

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