Light Denim + Army Green

Feb 26, 2016

Hey Luvs,

First I want to address the lighting, anytime you shoot in natural lighting expect a few hiccups, like the sun going in and out, hence different lighting for different photos. However, I kind of like it that way it gives off a different depth to each photo. I went a little crazy with the photo taking and couldn't decide on what to omit, but it's my blog right!

I am always running late to school because I was taught to never leave the house without dressing well. And as I have been feeling extremely casual this last few posts, I have started to realize that I enjoy stylish yet comfortable clothing. Today's outfit was just that!

Details ~

Jean Shirt: thrifted
Jeans: Uniqlo
Shoes: thrifted
Tank: forever21
Hat: Wal-Mart

Sincerely Fay,

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